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Jun 26, 2007 04:05 PM

Pre-Opera Dinner?

Hi there -

So, we're going to Don Giovanni on Saturday night and I think Italian would be most apropos - any suggestions near the Opera House? Or other outstanding cuisines in that general area?


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  1. Not Italian, but Jardiniere is across the street and completely fabulous. Just make sure to make a reservation as it does get super busy when the Opera is on.

      1. Zuni is great for a pre-opera dinner. In fact I just went there last Friday before Don Giovanni.

        1. You seldom see it mentioned, but Trader Vic's is in the old Stars location on Golden Gate...around the corner from the Opera House. I've always considered it a bit overpriced, but there are loyal fans.

          1. I did this very thing two Saturdays ago: Don Giovanni and Jardinère. I won't spoil DonG with my review here, but I will recommend the J. Their service and food was just a touch off last time, but it's still the best thing going near the opera by far.