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Jun 26, 2007 03:26 PM

Cabo recommendation

My wife and I will be down in Cabo for a wedding in November. We will have one evening free for a dinner and a few lunches on our own. We're looking for some places to get some authentic Mexican, perhaps fish tacos, and a nice restaurant for dinner -- maybe something with a view, but quality of the food is most important. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Hi there
    just returned from Cabo last night. It was the most disappointing and expenisive food experience I ever had. I am from nyc and I really do not mind spending money for top quality food/atmosphere...but the food and the location has to be great.

    The best experience by far was NIck SAn. The sushi was spectacular. IT was so good that we went back twice. We had these amazing gyoza dumplings that were stuffed with shirmp and scallops, the best I ever had. The spicy tuna roll was fantastic. I can not say enough positive things about this place. WE even had tempura fried icecream..you must get it. The bill per person was 100 each. I didnt think that was bad at all because we had a lot of food, it was spectacular and the atmosphere was great. By the way, do not go to the one in the town of Cabo, the one on the corridor is nicer (it is in palmilla, very upscale)
    Another night we went to Mi casa. I was extremely disappointed about this place, it gets a lot of good reviews on this site. There were clowns roaming around making ballon creations, a lot of mariachi musicians. The food was basically average. I have had better MExican food in LA and NYC. This place was not cheap.....70 per person for average food
    Another place we went to was Pitihaya (we stayed at the sheraton ). NOthing special. MY fish was overcooked. Very expensieve, but it had a great ambiance. The place overlooked the ocean.
    WE also went to the famous Edith's. This was the most disappointing. WE had the wally special, a piece of rib eye and three baja style shrimp . IT was OK. I just can not justify spending 125 dollars per person on average food. For that price , I could have an amazing experience in Buddakhan nyc or CUT in LA.
    Sorry for the long post, my suggestion is NICK SAN!! and the restaurant at Las Ventanas. We went there for a drink and I was amazed at the beauty of this place.

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      Thanks for the heads up. I guess I'll have to do a bit more research into my Cabo visit and plan meals accordingly. We will absolutely have a meal at Las Ventanas as we wanted to see the resort. I'm really surprised about Edith's because it's the one restaurant I've consistently read/heard good things about. Thanks again.

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        yes...you really must do your research. Also, I heard great things about the restaurant at the one and only palmilla.

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        That is what you get for not going to places I reviewed =)

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          I did extensive research for this trip,. on chowhound, websites, friends etc. Many posts were extremely positive about Edith's, Pitihaya's et al.I was hesitant about Edith's because they do not show their prices on the menu. However, once I arrived in cabo and witnessed the extreme price gouging for myself, I figured Edith's wasnt going to be any different than all of the other places we went to. It wasn't that different. The quality was the same, but the prices did not match the quality of the food. That is what was so disappointing.

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            Have a look at the U.S. tourists that make their way to Cabo.... not exactly the most saavy & sophisticated group very easy prey. Places like Cabo (no significant cultural center prior to tourism) will never have a world class fine dining culture.... even places like Mazatlan & Puerto Vallarta you are better off eating where the locals eat which is usually not fine dining. With that said... these places will support a few great fine dining restaurants... Nick San being an example... it is well liked by the local.

            Now if you would have gone to the Lechon taco stand I reported on... you would have a different story. I can't think of a single dish I've had in NY at any price point better than those tacos (not saying they were superior to anythign I've had in NY... just that there isn't much better). For example, given a choice between the roasted kid at L'Impero or the Lechon Tacos in Cabo... I would choose the Lechon tacos 7 out of 10 times.

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              yes , there was not one ounce of culture in Cabo. That was very disappointing to me. I am in nyc right now and had an amazing dining experience at Buddakhan. My first time back in 6 months.This place was trendy, but it had the food to back it up. I highly reccomend it.

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                There has never been any significant population centers in the area. It was a tiny fishing village that become popular with celebrities etc., almost everybody & everything is imported and there is little tax base. Its like going to some small town in Appalachia that has suddenly become touristy.

                With that said there is real good chow to be had if you stray in the working class neighborhoods. For trendy places that back it up with quality food... you really have to go to Mexico City. While the restaurants there are rarely as polished as places around Manhattan the cooking technique, quality of ingredients I have found to be at least one notch above New York.

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          I'm in Cabo as I write this and I would agree with italiana3 thus far. We went to Mi Casa our first night and my food was absolutely disgusting. And I'm not so much of a picky eater. I had the seafood-stuffed poblano pepper and UGGGH. I get sick just thinking about it. Not sure if the fish was off or it was the cheese they used to smother the fish or what. (In hindsight, I'm not sure why I even ordered a dish with seafood and cheese together.) I thought the service was average. Oh, and we ordered a bottle of sparkling water that turned out to cost 95 pesos. (That's roughly $9 USD.) It was San Pelligrino. I should have known.

          Had dinner at Nick San last night and it was magnificent, although I still think it's weird that I went all the way to Mexico to eat Japanese food. The softshell crab was fantastic, as were the gyoza. Prices are steep. (150 pesos for the gyoza, I believe.) Vegetable tempura was good, but paled in comparison to the rest. Oh, and the spicy tuna roll was really great as well. Re my comment about the 95 peso bottle of water at Mi Casa, I had a Sake-tini at Nick San for 80 pesos...in case you needed a benchmark.

          Going to C (Charlie Trotters) at Las Palmillas tonight. Cross your fingers for me!

          More to come on my blog once I'm back in the UK next week.

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            My fingers are crossed for you. Upon your return, you'll have to let us know what were the culinary highlights of the trip.

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              well, C was a total let down. Had lunch at Las Ventanas and it was truly the highlight of the trip. Very casually elegant. Lovely chips and salsa--how odd to use "lovely" and "chips and salsa" together, but I'm serious. And the trio of ceviche as well as the seafood salad were FANTASTIC. It's a fancy fancy place...everyone looks like they are vaguely famous. Blog posts should go up in the next week or so. I will post links here once they're up...

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                please post on this link! I would love to read them!

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                  I just finished writing everything up and the 1st post is scheduled for August 20th. Watch for Mi Casa, Nick San, Las Ventanas, and C. Plus a random post on Micheladas, my new favorite beverage!

        3. Don Emiliano, Chef Margarita Salinas, in the Slow Food Movment in Mexico, Contemporary atmosphere, great Mexican wines, Traditional flavours from other regions in Mexico

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