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Jun 26, 2007 03:05 PM

ISO fresh flour tortillas in Durham/CH

I love me some fajitas, burritos, and chimis, but can't stand the taste of store-bought flour tortillas (must be the preservatives).

I've asked around (La Superior, Los Comales, Taco Lopez, Mirandas), but they all used pre-packaged flour torts (must be catering to gringos who think Taco Hell is authentic Mexican).

Anyhoo, any leads on where to find freshly made flour tortillas in Durham/Chapel Hill?

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  1. Weaver Street sells fresh(ish) flour tortillas. They're in unlabeled plastic bags in the same cold case as the fresh corn tortillas that they sell.

    I have no idea where they come from but we find them significantly better than most store bought tortillas around here.

    1. Weaver St. does sell fresh tortillas. A bone to pick though. Rather than catering to gringos, most Mexicans just don't eat a ton of flour tortillas. They use corn tortillas, and if i'm not mistaken, la superior, los comales, and don jose in carrboro all make their own. i've found that most of those places don't even offer burritos and chimis, specifically because they're not catering to gringos (who eat those things) but to their own (who eat tacos, flautas, gorditas, etc--all made from masa de maiz). Flour tortillas, and the aforementioned foods they hold, are more a product of the SW united states-- Texas, Nevado, N. Mexico.