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Jun 26, 2007 03:02 PM

Chicago Cheese Shops

Hi- My husband and I own a cheese shop in San Diego and I'm on a biz trip in Chicago (staying out near O'Hare - will be relying on public transit). I'd like to check out area cheese shops while I'm here and would welcome your recommendations. Since I'll be taking the train, if you have any info on which stop to take and walking directions, that would help.


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  1. The Cheese Stands Alone on Western Ave.

    4547 N. Western Ave.

    Take the BROWN line to Western.

    FYI: check out this website for planning your food related trips (chowhound moderators - don't erase)

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      Thanks for the info - actually, this is the one shop I already knew about and planned to visit but their hours are changed this week. Hoping to go there tomorrow after my meetings.

      Any others I should try to check out while I'm here?

    2. Sam's Wines and Spirits (1720 North Marcy Street) has an excellent cheese counter as well as speciality meats. Pick up a bottle of wine fom their massive selection while your at it. This is my second favorite place for cheese behind the aforementioned Cheese Stands Alone.

      Pastoral Cheese (2945 North Broadway) is a decent cheese shop. They carry some different brands.

      I also like the cheese counter at Fox and Obel but IMO it's not the best option.

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        again, thanks! I look forward to exploring these places

      2. When you arrive in Chicago - pick up the latest issue of Chicago Magazine which has a feature article about their favorite food and wine stores including cheese stores.

        1. Not sure if it is too late but don't forget Pastoral in Lakeview on Broadway near Wellington. It is a wonderful cheese shop.

          Also, it is worth checking out Fox and Obel. Though it is a larger market, the cheese shop is kind of it's own thing and I've always found the selection and knowledge to be wonderful.

          Oops...I did not read carefully and see someone else already mentioned these.

          1. I would also suggest the cheese counter at the Whole Foods at Peterson and Cicero (6020 N Cicero). Its a relatively new store and seems to take more time and attention to its cheese. Good selection of raw milk cheeses.