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Jun 26, 2007 03:02 PM

Eastside Cafe last Sunday

We headed to the Eastside Cafe on Sunday for a late brunch, around 1:00. We seemed to be seated in the kids room where every table but ours had a loud toddler.

We ordered our drinks and thought the coffee was pretty good, though the mini cornbread muffins were served with it were dry and tasteless.

For our entrees I ordered the Huevos Mexicanos and my husband ordered the Apple Almond Waffle. His waffle was dry and they neglected to serve it with any apples. It came out with a pile of whipped cream and some slivered almonds. They provided an almost empty carafe of syrup which he ran out of before he finished his waffle. Since the waffle wasn't that great he decided not to ask for more syrup.

My Huevos Mexicanos was a layered quiche-like dish with jack and cheddar cheese, tortillas and green chilis. It was drenched in a sour cream tomatillo sauce. The dish was really tasty, but the sauce was so overwhelmingly rich I could only eat about 1/5th of it before feeling uncomfortably full. It was served with a side of lukewarm store bought tortillas that got hard as rocks after 1 minute on the table. My homefries were dry, but pretty tasty once dipped in the sour cream sauce and the garlic grits were delicious.

Overall, I was disappointed in our meal here. I have heard so many great things and still haven't found a great breakfast place here in Austin. I do plan to go back to try the baked brie because I loooove baked brie, but I don't think I'll go there for breakfast again.

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  1. I recall the baked brie there was good.
    My best experiences there have been with things appropriate to a white tablecloth brunch place, like sandwiches (recall the tuna steak being tasty) salads and soups.
    Sometimes when these places try to gussy up traditional Mexican dishes they can miss the mark.
    That doesn't explain the waffle though...

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      Eastside is pretty great, sometimes the specials are a little skimpy, but their sides, soups and regular dishes are always spot on.