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Jun 26, 2007 03:00 PM

Best iced coffee?

Where is your favorite? My vote goes to Think Coffee and runner-up Grey Dog's. Mud Truck is too bitter for my taste. Where else?

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    1. re: maxine

      Where is Joe's? In the West Village?

      And why is it so good? Just curious. Thanks!

      1. re: Liquid Sky

        There are 3 locations, Waverly just west of 6th, 13th between University and 5th and a new one but I am not sure where it is. The coffee is rich and dark, but not bitter, which is rare. They also make great lattes and the best iced mochas I have ever had.

          1. re: maxine

            The new one is in Soho and inside the Alessi store. It's on Greene Street, between Houston and Prince.

          2. re: Liquid Sky

            Joe's The Art of Coffee and Ninth Street Coffee are BY FAR the best iced coffee (or just coffee) in town. No more said :) You can easily Google both shops for locations.

        1. Amy's Bread on 9th AVenue.

          1. I agree about Mud Truck. Even after the addition of sugar and cream, it still tastes bitter.

            Got some last weekend and they put in way too much ice or something since it was also way too watery.

            1. for decaf i love the iced coffee at cafe gitane. it tastes extra roasted and smoky.
              88 orchard is nice cause they use coffee ice cubes.
              there is a tiny place on bowery below canal that has iced half coffee, half tea. delicious!

              1. Dunkin Donuts. I'm addicted. One out of 10 times it's horrible, but I'll take those odds.

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                1. re: ronoc

                  And the other 9 times it's just bad.

                  1. re: Peter Cuce

                    Hey! Actually, one of the good things about Dunkin Ds is that they try to make your coffee to your specs, so once you nail down the right combo of ingredients and get the same person to make it when you come in then it usually turns out pretty good.

                  2. re: ronoc

                    i 2nd dunkin donuts, their ice coffee runs through my veins. i love their flavors too, my favorite ones are with coconut. blueberry\raspberry is my 2nd favorite. and 3rd is almond.

                    1. re: ronoc

                      haa, I treat myself to two 7-11 Iced Coffees a week.
                      Oh, the secret shame. :)