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Jun 26, 2007 02:41 PM

Best filet mignon? Doesn't have to be steakhouse

I'm taking my bf and some friends to DC for his birthday, and would like to find a place serving a great steak, esp. filet mignon. This doesn't have to be a steakhouse. Any suggestions? I would like to try Ray's, except I'm not sure how long we would have to wait considering we are coming from Philly and might not get there early enough. Thanks!

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  1. Questions: what day are you going out to dinner? and
    Have you considered Ray's the Classics in Silver Spring, which takes reservations?
    Will continue to think of non Ray options!

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    1. re: monavano

      I'm going on saturday. Would you recommend Ray's the Classics over Charlie Palmers

      1. re: aznsusan

        I went to Ray's Classics earlier this month and had the cowboy steak, which was the single most majestic piece of steak I've ever seen. My wife had the filet and thought it was also excellent. I recommend the place highly, and Silver Spring if you haven't been there in a while is an amazing example of tasteful urban redevelopment, Make the trip!

    2. For regular non-filet mignon I would recommend Ray's, for Filet Mignon I would recommend Charlie Palmer's and they take reservations... They are both excellent. I also love the sliders served at the bar at Charlie Palmer's with fries. Never been to the Silver Spring location though...