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Jun 26, 2007 02:08 PM

Seaport Help

We are coming to Boston at the end of July. We are staying at the Westin in the Seaport area. I went through the previous posts on Seaport. It seems like that's not much to eat around there. Is that really the case?

We will be travelling with our 10-month-old. I would imagine that we may need some late night takeout after having dinner at 5 pm with the baby. Is there any decent takeout nearby or are we stuck with room service?

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  1. Eastern Pier II is good nearby Chinese and they deliver.

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    1. re: joestrummer

      Big fan of their clams in black bean sauce as well as lomein. I've had maybe one miss, otherwise I find this place to be excellent.

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        Thanks. We'll definitely keep this in mind.

    2. Also, the Bank of America Pavilion is located in the Seaport district, in case you missed this thread:

      (PS - Salvatore's which I mention in the above link, is sit-down, but also has a separate take-out area for pizza, salads, etc).

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        Thanks. I had no idea where the Bank of America Pavilion is.

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          It's a big tent used for shows that you can see from the Westin - maybe 5 blocks away. Many of the tourist maps I've seen still label it as the Harborlights Pavilion (the original name - maybe so that they don't need to change the name of the bank each year).

          Not much is open late in the Seaport, and there very little takeout. You can find some more places that deliver by searching for Southie (South Boston) threads. The Seaport area is part of Southie.

          Another delivery option that gives you the choice of Boston is Dining In ( They can bring you food from many of the better restaurants in the city (and some of the not so better).

      2. Hi Cecelia,

        You do have plenty of options in the immediate area (some at the pricey hotel restaurants), and even more options by taking a short cab ride to Broadway St in South Boston (and go the popular Amrhiens), or the Silver line to downtown/Chiantown or alll other points. In the immediate area, you may want to try LTK (Legal Test Kitchen), the NoName restaurant, Lucky's Lounge, Yankee Lobster (where you can buy fresh fish, so the atmosphere is akin to tables and chairs), the Daily Catch (at the Federal Courthouse), the Barking Crab (nearby the Courthouse), Flour bakery, and the Blue Wave.

        Beer lovers may already know this, but Harpoon Brewery, just a little ways down Northern Ave., has free tours and beer tastings on Saturday afternoon.

        At the Westin Waterfront, you have the following options:

        The Birch Bar in the lobby: The selections included individual pizzas, burgers and sandwiches, sea salted fries, shrimp cocktail , skewers with dipping sauce, crispi calamari, crab cakes, cheese plate, fruit skewer with chocolate fondue, etc. Sounds yummy, but prices ranged from $6 for the fries to $15 for the grilled chicken pizza.

        The main hotel restaurant is Sauciety. Back in February, there was a brunch buffet on Sunday ($19). The lunch menu ranged from $11-$16 for sandwiches, salads, steak, or a few seafood choices, or $15 for a lunch buffet. Not sure if those options are still available. The dinner menu, served after 5, had some "small plates" or appetizers
        from $7-$15, and "center plates" from $24-$39. The concept is that you pick a "center plate" (swordfish steak, salmon, tuna, pork chop, sirloin steak, roast chicken, lobster), and then two sauces to go with it. There were 15 sauces in an array from mild to "bold" to spicy. "Side plates" of vegetables and starches for $6 round out the menu.

        I hope that helps. Good eating!

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        1. re: JFC

          for what it's worth, I took a client to Sauciety a few months ago for lunch and it was horrible. everything from bad service to the food. wouldn't recommend. ingredients weren't fresh at all. i was hopeful because i'd been to an event hosted at Sauciety and the passed hors d'oeuvres were good.

          1. re: JFC

            I ate at Sauciety and was very disappointed. I've had very good food at Aura in the Seaport Hotel and LTK has a few good dishes like the Shrinp and Chicken Wok as well as the burgers. Great berry and watermelon mojitos. Their menu changes seasonally. I haven't eaten at Salvatores yet but walked by the outside dining area and some of the dishes looked good. I have had their take-out pizza and it's pretty good.

          2. Amrheins in Southie does delivery 7 night a week from 5 - 10PM. You can check it out at The food is not gourmet but you can do worse.

            1. I'll give a qualified rec for the L St. Diner. I assume they'll deliver to your hotel.
              Decent calzones and pizza and much more (untested) stuff on their menu.
              Won't make you write home to Mom , but may be enough for a late night snack.
              Actually decent neighborhood fare, which I realize is faint praise, but if finances are an issue I'd order it over room service.