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Suggestions for Santa Clarita

I moved to Santa Clarita with my husband and 2 year old daughter. I'm sick of the chain restaurants, but they are quite accomodating for a toddler. Does anyone have any recommendations for other restaurants (for any meal) in the area?

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  1. I've lived here for 8 years and I'm still looking for good places to eat.
    Here are a few.
    For breakfast you have to try Saugus Cafe, you'll either love it or you'll never go back. It's been around forever, in fact it's the oldest restaurant here. It's a really good diner/dive.
    For pizza my kids and I like ZPizza in the Pavillions shopping center. The closest to New York style pizza you'll find out here.
    Pho Love in the shopping center next to Trader Joes has incredible Pho, and you get about a gallon of it.
    The best Mexican food is at Vallarte Markets on Lyons Avenue. It's a Mexican grocery store and they have a huge hot food section. Every kind of taco and burrito you can imagine, soup, stew and really good enchiladas. They make the enchiladas from scratch and they take a while but they are really worth the wait. You have to ask for them since they're not on the menu board. If you go on Saturday the lines are long but they have Mariachi bands.

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      Cathy's Deli RestaurantAddress:
      23120 Lyons Ave # 24
      Newhall, CA 91321
      (661) 288-2217

      Good Pastrami and corned Beef. Great Onion Rings. Not Brent's but good and PLENTY of parking.

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        Only plenty of parking if the dental office, and other stuff in that plaza isn't busy. The spaces were built for small cars, and the SUVs take two spaces

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          I just tried Cathy's Deli because of the recommendations here and I'm very sad to say that my meal was basically inedible. To be fair, I'm now pretty certain I ordered the worst thing I possibly could. But I still think I should warn others so they don't make the same stupid mistake I made. I got the "light lunch (1/2 sandwich, 1 side)" baked ham sandwich on white bread (the waiter recommended the white bread) with a side salad and small sprite. The sandwich was just a pile of ham between two pieces of white bread, that's it. Neither the ham nor the bread was good enough to make this even remotely interesting. The salad was slightly better, but still incredibly boring. It was just lettuce with a few chopped tomatoes and some alright sourdough croutons. The balsamic dressing that came with it was very clearly store bought stuff from a bottle, and not very good. I took about 2 bites of the sandwich and picked at the salad but basically left the plate full, and although the waiter never came back to check on me after putting the food down, he clearly noticed how uneaten my food was when he dropped off the check, but didn’t seam the least bit concerned. This spectacular meal cost me almost $13, without tip!!! I was more tempted then I’ve ever been to return the food and refuse to pay. Granted I obviously should have ordered the pastrami or corned beef or something greasy. But that meal was so disappointing and ridiculously overpriced, I definitely won’t go back.

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            I know they changed owners at some point in the last year or so, so maybe it went downhill.

      2. The Pines is very much worth a drive for breakfast or lunch from Santa Clarita. I have done it twice from the SGV. Very good Chicken Fried Steak and eggs. Burgers.

        We get the Gastro sandwich at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor and some ice cream for dessert.

        The Pines Cafe
        4343 Pearblossom Hwy
        Palmdale, CA
        (661) 285-0455

        Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor
        21516 Golden Triangle Rd
        Santa Clarita, CA 91350
        (661) 253-1844
        (661) 253-4386

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          I believe "The Pines" closes at 2pm. I haven't been in awhile but it might be good to check.

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            Yes, they close early. The Pines is good for breakfast or very early lunch. Also, they go back-and-forth on being open 7-days or only 6-days a week. They give plenty of advance notice of change in hours but for us who do not live near there it would be good to call before going. If the Pines were closed there is not much else nearby. Also, the place is very small and very popular which result in a wait. In the heat of Summer that could be a HOT wait, but sometimes waiting goes with finding a good place to eat.

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              The Pines is a regular weekend late breakfest stop for my family. Pancakes, French Toast, various Omlettes and Egg combination breakfests for GF and The Works Pineburger rare is a great diner, as in not L.A. 'upscale' burger. Their Biscuits are great except for one problem. Since the new owner, a very sweet lady, bought the place they always run out of those Biscuits! One of my lads a.k.a. BreadBoy begs to go to The Pines and he only wants their Biscuits. Last week he got one; the last one. The rest of us and other customers that ordered them got no Biscuits. They were not closing for a couple of hours and we all wish that they would just make enough.

        2. My Santa Clarita operative tells me there is a great burger place called Cousin's or Cuzin's, he's not sure, but it's on Soledad Canyon and has a very large ("it's like a freakin pizza") burger.

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            It is Cousin's, and it's in the Ralph's shopping center on Soledad Cyn Rd in Canyon Country. My wife and I just had lunch from there today. Great burgers, huge salads, fresh-cut fries, AWESOME!

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              Cousin's has at least 2 additional locations in Santa Clarita, near Target and SW corner of Bouquet Cyn. Rd. X Seco Cyn. Rd. I agree the burgers and fries are pretty good!

          2. If you are not opposed to Sylmar (maybe 11 miles down the 5), try Dome Pochana, 13191 Gladstone Ave, Sylmar, CA. It's a great little Thai place, my husband works in Sylmar and we have gone there for lunch a dozen times, and dinner a couple too. Try to get there early if you go for lunch though, usually it requires a wait by noontime.

            Service seems just a little slower at dinner, they are not as busy at that hour, as it's a daytime pop lunch destination for the working folks in the area. (Everything from hi tech office workers to construction.)

            1. Family owned directly from New Jersey. Italian food and sandwiches. Good review from ABC channel 7 as well.

              Nardone's Italian Deli
              23367 Lyons Ave
              Valencia, CA 91355
              (661) 286-1011

              1. I second Nardone's and Cousins Burgers. The Cousins I go to is in the same shopping plaza as Target. I also recently tried their salads and those were very good as well as the burgers.

                Here are some other places I like

                Final Score 23254 Lyons Ave Newhall - Great sandwiches. They roast their own meats (i.e. turkey, roast beef) their steak sub is amazing, its expensive (around $11 I think) but huge and made with filet mignon.

                Lily's Cafe - 23700 W. Lyons Avenue, Newhall inexpensive, they have good breakfasts, good burgers, I love their club sandwich, its made with real roasted turkey. The ham they use in their grilled ham and cheese has good flavor, and isn't that sliced deli stuff. Good soup too.

                Grand Panda - 23802 Lyons Ave. Newhall - Their pan fried dumplings are delicious. This is the best chinese I've found in Santa Clarita.

                Thai Pepper - 24407 San Fernando Rd, Newhall good lunch specials, not much atmosphere inside, but good food

                Telly's Charbroil Burgers - 27737 Bouquet Canyon Rd # B Santa Clarita, Good burgers, steak subs, I love their french fries, and they have some greek food.

                Grill Kabob - 27653 Bouquet Canyon Rd - same plaza as Albertson's and Saugus Drugs. Good kabobs, falafel. They have a really tasty artichoke salad that has peppers, mushrooms.

                Mulligan's - 25848 Tournament Rd I like their chicken artichoke dish, their steak tips are always good. friendly staff.

                Margaritas Mexican Grill 23320 Valencia Bld - same plaza as 7-11. Good enchiladas, burritos. The chicken they use in their buritos is moist and flavorful. In the fall they have pumpkin flan which is delicious

                Papalinos 24135 Magic Mountain Pkwy - I like their pizza, its a smaller individual size one and is great if you split it and a salad with someone.

                Wolf Creek - 27746 Mcbean Pkwy there are other reviews on here for it, its been a while since I've been, so I don't remember what I've had there, but I remember it being good.

                Las Delicias 22928 Lyons Ave - On Lyons right before Jack in the Box Good tacos.

                Thats all that comes to mind right now. If I think of more, I'll add them.

                1. Cathy's Deli RestaurantAddress:
                  23120 Lyons Ave # 24
                  Newhall, CA 91321
                  (661) 288-2217

                  Good Pastrami and corned Beef. Great Onion Rings. Not Brent's but good and PLENTY of parking.

                  1. The best restaurant I've found in Santa Clarita is Athena's in Canyon Country. They have great greek food for very reasonable prices. I would also recommend Nardone's, the lasagna is pretty good.

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                      I love Athena's. It is my favorite place in Santa Clarita. They have great greek food and they also have italian food. They are located on Soledad Cyn. in a tiny mall with a 31 flavors. I also like Sam's Flaming Grill, a middle eastern restaurant. It's not fancy at all but they have great food, large portions, and very reasonable prices. Another restaurant I like alot is Hoshi, a japanese BBQ. You can cook your own meat and order ala carte(similar to korean BBQ), or at lunch they have really good bento box specials. For a good breakfast I would try the Waystation. It's a funky little diner with old license plates on the wall and great ham and hash browns. All of these places are family friendly.

                      1. re: mushky

                        Of the places that you mention, I've only been to Sam's Flaming Grill for Roast Chicken, Pita and Garlic Sauce and The Waystation for breakfast. I like the food at Sam's but The Waystation has pretty good 'diner' ambiance with mediocre food and especially lousy biscuits (Bridgeford Foods Corp.). I will have to try Athena's, I drive by it often but have not stopped.

                    2. Cannot believe some of the suggestions. Either these people
                      do not know what good food is, or don;t know how to find it.
                      I am also a recent transplant and have had a difficult time
                      finding anything up to the culinary standards I enjoyed as a
                      matter of course in the SF Bay Area.

                      That being said, there are a few places worth frequenting:

                      Breakfast: Egg Plantation in Newhall. Hands down the best in
                      the SCV. Great (real) omlettes in umpteen different varieties.
                      Cathy's Deli mentioned elsewhere here is also good.

                      Steakhouse: Backwoods Inn. Good steaks, real drinks, reasonable
                      prices, sawdust on the floor. What's not to like?

                      Romantic: Le Chene. French bistro food in an oak studded aroyo setting.
                      Deck for summer evenings. Great wine list. Try the Shrimp Escoffier or
                      Filet with Roquefort sauce. Call ahead on Saturdays for dessert soufflees.

                      Mexican: La Cocina Bar and Grill. Best mexican food with a full bar.
                      There are two Las Delicias these days, no longer affiliated. One on
                      Lyons (also mentioned) and one on Sierra North of Via Princessa.

                      Sushi: Kisho on Valencia at Cinema drive. Also a Teppan Yaki place.
                      That means Benihana to most people. Great spicy tuna salad and many
                      inventive suchi offerings.

                      Good Chinese food is scarce. Some smatterings of Indian. Some of the places
                      suggested her by others I have tried and suffice it to say I will not be returning.

                      Good luck!

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                        I like Kisho! Sit at the sushi bar and Alfred the sushi chef will take care of you. He's awesome and makes a wonderful "Halloween" roll. Yum.

                      2. I too have just move to SCV - Canyon Country. Across from me is Caruso's. Have had the sammy's from the deli section of their fancy restaurant- Yummy! Others I know LOVE the pizza and spaghetti dishes. (The family has Caruso's on Sierra Hwy and their fancy place and deli on Dolan Way). Last week, I ate at the new Mexican place Casa Alejos or ??? It's on Soledad just E of Sierra Hwy L side of street. Also very good. Slow service but, good food. Then, of course, there's the famed Rattler's - great BBQ chicken! Rattler's has just moved from Soledad and Whites to the now defunct Wickes shopping plaza. That's all I know........KQ

                        1. Best by far in the Antelope Valley is the Chicken Fried Steak
                          at SCRAMBLZ Cafe in West Lancaster (27th St West & West Ave L)
                          or Quartz Hill (50th St West & Ave M). Both locations serve a CFS on
                          the Breakfast menu, the one on Ave L has it for Dinner too. They
                          flatten and pan fry them on site. Good Gravy too... Also they serve a
                          Chicken Fried Chicken on dinner menu. Fresh Veggies too.