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Jun 26, 2007 01:37 PM

Badoit Water in TO?

I had pretty much resigned myself to no more Badoit until returning to France. But a recent trip to Napa surprised me with a Badoit (green) so I am renewing my quest.

Does anyone know if this delicious water is available in TO? Either to purchase retail or to order?

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  1. Have seen it at Pusateri's in the past

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    1. re: Finnegan

      I called Pusateri's and they don't have it, but I recommended that they get some. :-)

      1. re: obstructionist

        I did some more checking. It's distributed in Canada by Aqua Distribution .
        I called Whole Foods and confirmed that they have some.

        1. re: obstructionist

          OB, thanks so much. You just did all the calls I was going to do.
          I assume you called the Hazelton WF?

    2. Wow, I was just thinking about this the other day! Thanks for asking.

      1. I went to the Whole Foods in Oakville, they said that it isn't selling well and they probably won't be ordering more. Everybody please ask them to continue selling it...

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        1. re: obstructionist

          On a whim, drove from Rochester, NY to the Whole Foods in Oakville Ontario. Sure enough a lovely case of Badoit (green) water is now mine! The bottles are a limited edition with a lacing of bubbles up the sides of the bottle and 2011 etched in green. I talked to a manager about keeping it in supply and offering to order cases regularly.

          1. re: ASaucyGal

            Wow, did you drive all the way to Oakville to get water? Is it that good water? I have seen it around a lot lately but never tried that brand. Saw it at Whole Foods, the small gourmet boutique downtown Oakville (corner of Allan/Lakeshore) and the Organic Boutique on Queen West (around Shaw)...

            I will have to give it a try soon

            1. re: ylsf

              Yes I did! - I'd seen it on this thread, and we were already in Niagara Falls for the afternoon, so it was only about a 40 min drive to Oakville. I don't know if it's THAT special, but it's so nostalgic for me. I don't care for BIG carbonation, but Badoit is very delicate.

        2. random place to buy Badoit: J-Town

          1. I was at McEwan (Shops at Don Mills) recently and they had quite a few bottles there.

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            1. re: Moosehead

              Update... McEwan doesn't carry it anymore. I don't blame them - not many would want to pay more for water than alcohol. However, my missus needs more Badoit to satisfy her cravings. Anyone know where's the cheapest place I can find Badoit around the city?