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Where to buy Coca-cola (without high fructose corn syrup)?

Does anyone know where in the city to find Coca-Cola that doesn't have high fructose corn syrup in it? I've heard that there's kosher or Mexican versions, but I don't know where to find it. Love regular Coke as an occasional treat, but refuse to eat/drink anything with HFCS in it. Any suggestions....? Thanks!

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  1. Actually, all Coke is Kosher.
    The non-HFCS version is the Kosher-for-Passover kind, with the yellow cap I think. It's only available in the spring, during the month or two before Passover, but generally universally at that time.

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      Know of any non-HFCS that you can find year round?

    2. Try any mexican grocery store. I remember seeing mexican versions of us soft drinks at tulcingo de valle and tehuitzingo deli every time i get tacos there.

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        good suggestion.
        The Jarritos sodas from Mexico are sugar-sweetened.

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          The mexican version are often corn syrup or sugar...never know what you are gonna get. Or at least that's what I hear. I think there is a whole thread about it on the tristate board. I heard that Costco out in California has started carrying the mexican version with guaranteed sugar cane, but when I went to a costco in NY area, they didnt have any =(.

          1. I asked about this at Park East Kosher on Second Avenue and 83rd Street. The man there said they can special order it for you around Passover and I think also for the holidays in September. If you want to order a case or whatever.

            1. I've only found it around Passover. Canadian Coke has real sugar, not HFCS.

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                I know this an old post but I saw the thread resurrected and the above post is wrong. Canadian Coke does not have real sugar... none of our pops/sodas here use sugar. We get our cane sugar in pop the same way you guys do - Boylan, Latin American pop or other small pop companies

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                  I've had Canadian Coke that had real sugar...or at least the Cokes that I had in Canada had real sugar. Maybe they were Kosher.

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                    I know this thread is quite old (just like sarnya pointed out) but I also feel the need to clear up the Canadian "real sugar" Coke situation as I see it on a lot of threads! In Canada we do not use the label "HFCS" to denote High Fructose Corn Syrup. It is often labeled glucose/fructose and/or sugar. It is the same thing! It has to say real cane sugar, or sugar to not mean a corn based sweetener. We too have to search high and low for pop (soda) made without that lethal poison.

              2. There's a great supermarket on Avenue C right above Houston that has cane sugar Coke in bottles in their Mexican food section. They also have masa, arepas, horchata powder and other great stuff!


                1. Hill Country BBQ, on W. 26th St. just off of Broadway, "imports" Mexican Coke from Texas, which is available as a drink selection on their menu. 3 clams for 10 oz., though.

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                    my husband works for Coca Cola. As far as he knows, the bottling companies in NY, he works in Maspeth, the Bronx one services the city and they all only produce the kosher for passover coke during Passover, no other time during the year. So, no, I can not say where they have the one without the hfcs but unless it is imported from someplace else, you wont find it.

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                      Allentown and Cleveland bottlers use sucrose.

                  2. As already been posted, Coke made with sugar is only available at Passover time. If you are willing to try some other brands, Jones soda is now making all of their flavors with cane sugar, so does Boylan's. I also buy a brand called Gus's which is made with a very low sugar content and is delicious!

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                      Boylan's Sugar Cane Cola is pretty good stuff.

                    2. I found that Costco (At least in the Sacramento California area) is selling Mexican Coke by the case. Comes out to about $1 a bottle. No corn Syrup. I also found it at Walmart in West Sacramento. It may be cause we have a large mexican population in this area but I am just thrilled. I would check with your local Costco or Walmart.

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                        I checked with costco in the burbs, and much to my chagrin, they didnt have ny as of two months ago.

                      2. Check Tulcingo del Valle...they have a little market/deli next to the restaurant. I LOVE Mexican Coca-cola!

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                          Do you happen to know for sure if they sell it? If so, I know where I'm going on my way home from work tomorrow... Never been before anyway, what do you recommend by way of tacos (which I think I remember is their specialty)?

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                            Give them a call first and ask if they have Mexican Coca Cola. As for their tacos, my favorite is the carne asada. I also love the cheese chilaquiles with green sauce. Let us know your thoughts after you eat there! I'm jealous.

                        2. Not exactly coca-cola, but Whole Foods sells cane cola. It's $2.29 for a sixpack in the NJ stores - I don't know how much it is in Manhattan. Their ginger ale is pretty good too!

                          1. Good luck but its not even worth trying. Most people dont really care and coca cola has all the infrastructure in place to make it with HFCS as opposed to sugar. We can also thank the government for corn subsidies. Even the coca cola that is sold in the united states with sugar is imported from other countries mainly mexico and some of it isnt even %100 pure cane sugar. There are all sorts of information all over the web about this topic. Your best bet is to wait till passover and stock up like crazy for the year.

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                              Two Coca-Cola bottlers in the US use sugar (sucrose) -- Allentown PA and Cleveland OH. Very tasty, even better than Mexicoke. I haven't tasted KFP yet but that's my goal this year.

                            2. I've heard tell of this kosher Coke for years, but I've never seen it. I drink Boylan's (made with sugar), or Manhattan Special (sugar), or Mexican sodas (sugar). Whole Foods brand soda is 1.99 for a six pack, and the ginger ale is excellent. Avoid the cola, which has a weird flavor (as does Boylan's cola, though I love Boylan's Black Cherry).

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                                Ever see the coke bottles with the yellow caps? Those are Kosher. It's hard to know exactly when/where you'll find it, but a lot of supermarkets carry it in March/April. I find that the taste difference from what you get year-round in the US is not all that different. But the Mexican Coke is really great-tasting. To me, European Coke tastes the best.

                              2. Maybe for Passover just like Fox's-U-Bet chocolate syrup.

                                1. This is a delayed and bourough response but... since I last posted I've moved to Astoria (<3) and discovered yesterday that the deli up the street (on the corner of 28th Ave and 33rd St) sell's Mexican Coke year-round in the old fashion great glass bottles-- no HFCS!!! $1.50 a bottle. I love Queens :)

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                                    what about vanilla coke? i found some at a rite aid in new hope, pa, but can't find any in new york. what's the deal???

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                                      With the city's increasing Mexican population I'm also seeing it in a number of Hispanic bodegas in Manhattan (try Hell's Kitchen, the upper UWS, East Village, LES). It's certainly available all over western Queens (as is the Jarritos line). And down 5th Ave. through Sunset Park in Brooklyn.

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                                        This Astoria resident thanks you :D

                                        1. Almost all of the Mexican grocery store on E. 116th St. have it.

                                          1. Coca-cola made with cane sugar can be found in some of the grocery stores near 3rd Ave & E117/118 St. They are available every day not just during the holidays.
                                            I heard a rumor that Coke is going to mainstream Coke made with cane sugar since many people are finding out about the downside of HFCS.

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                                              Since this old thread has been revived, it is Passover season, which means the gold cap on Coke products you see over the next 3-4 weeks will indicate it's corn syrup free.

                                              Best not to buy out the store, in case some poor family really needs it to keep their holiday in comfort but it's not as rare as it used to be. I think the Mexican version tastes superior to the Passover versions, personally.

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                                                There's also a sugar (sucrose) version made in the US, the Allentown PA and Cleveland OH bottlers. I used to work in Allentown and IMO it's even tastier than Mexicoke. I still make runs every few months to stock up on the stuff.

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                                                  i'd love to know where in allentown I can find this - my folks live there and i want to stock up!

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                                                    I buy in bulk at SAMs club on airport road and supplement from grocery stores like redners and wegmans. No special markings other than sucrose replacing HFCs

                                            2. It's available at Costco, probably for Passover.

                                              Pepsi Throwback <made with pure cane sugar> is also available in Costco for a limited time only.

                                              Whole Foods brand 365 has a pretty decent cola soda made with pure cane sugar. Very close to the old Coca-Cola AKA the Real Thing, not the junk sold nowadays with HFCS.

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                                                Pepsi Throwback is a very good alternative to Mexican Coke. If the OP needs another source - I saw it at Pomegranate in Midwood. I know it's not super convenient, but it's there!

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                                                  The problem with Pepsi Throwback is that it tastes like Pepsi...too sweet.

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                                                  Just being nitpicky, but Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwback is not made with "pure cane sugar". It's part cane, part beet....basically you can only get real sugar from either sugar cane or sugar beets....With beet sugar being cheaper than cane, I'd imagine it's more beet than cane. Regardless, the different in taste between cane/beet is nearly impossible to register...unlike the difference between cane and or beet vs. HFCS

                                                3. Mexican Coca-cola in glass bottles are all over East Harlem. Try the Mexican grocery store on 100th and Lex. The lables say sugar and/or HFCS but when I asked about it the lady at the store told me they just use that English label to cover all the bases, but if it says it's from Mexico, it's with sugar. I believe her because I think I can taste the difference and I don't feel like I need more after I've had a Mexican Coke,

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                                                    I mentioned this in a previous post. I got a case of the Mexican Coke at the Holbrook Long Island Costco for about $18. Nothing like a cool glass bottle of Coke! I have been drinking them sparingly because with Costco, you learn to buy when you are there because the next time you go, it will most likely be gone!
                                                    The Kosher cokes should be coming out soon at the Supermarkets as the supermarkets already have their Kosher for Passover displays set up! as previously mentioned, they are the bottles with the yellow tops (Pepsi's have white tops, I believe); I wish they would make them in glass bottles!

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                                                      I would recommend caution when buying the cokes with a "sugar and/or HFCS" labels. These are NOT pure cane sugar, no matter what the lady at the store says. Only the ones that say "sugar" (no mention of HFCS) are 100% pure sugar.

                                                      The place I normally get Mexican Coke from (in Boston) often has a mix of the two versions, and I've tasted both. The ones that only say "sugar" are the ones with the sweet, clean, and refreshing flavors that the Mexican Coke is known for. As an added bonus, it doesn't leave a nasty film of HFCS in your mouth.

                                                      Of the ones with the "sugar and/or HFCS" labels, I've only had one that came anywhere close to being free of HFCS. Usually, though, these contain a sugar/HFCS ratio that seems halfway between the US and Mexican formula. Not quite as thick and syrupy as the US version, but not quite as light and refreshing as the Mexican version. This also means feeling only a slightly lighter film HFCSs afterwards.

                                                      The people at my source for Mexican Coke also told me that it was all 100% cane sugar. But, upon further investigation I found out that no one there bothered to read the labels, and they were simply repeating what they were being told. I had to find out the hard way by trial and error.

                                                      1. re: KaneSaru

                                                        I agree.

                                                        The Mexican sugar/HFCSA hybrid has a slight cinnamon aftertaste. Costco usually carries Mexican Coca-Cola <and Pepsi Throwback> during the Rosh Hashanah Holidays. Last year they carried the hybrid and it pretty much languished while the Pepsi Throwback sold out quickly.

                                                        They learned their lesson.

                                                        This year the Coca-Cola from MX is crisp, light and delicious served real cold and identical in taste like the one sold in Spain. I'm not Jewish but I bought 5 cases, and if I go next time I'll buy more. Important to check the lable tho'.

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                                                          Costco in LIC has the sugar Mexican Coke. Pricey for soda, but worth it.

                                                    2. Zaragosa in the EV is among the Mexican delis offering Mexican Coke.

                                                      1. u can go to canada, lol. but seirously i went to tuck shop yesterday and they had this sugar cane cola it was pretty good i forgot the company. u can check them out they're on 1st and 1st ave. feel free to try a meat pie and a vanilla slice!

                                                        1. I've seen kosher-for-Passover Pepsi and Coke at several Duane Reades in different neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn. A CVS on the Upper West Side had a couple bottles of KP Coke, they might normally have more in stock, the shelf was kind of bare. In both cases, they're mixed with regular bottles on the shelf so look for the cap color or check the ingredients lists.

                                                          1. Hill Country BBQ-hecho en Mexico

                                                            Hill Country
                                                            30 W 26th St, New York, NY 10010

                                                            1. now is the time to buy, with Passover recently over!

                                                              1. Blue Sky Organic Soda has a cola that is nice. Whole Foods has a store brand cola that is also good. Albertson's Wild Harvest Cola is my cola of choice at present. The Mexican bottled Coke is available in most Mexican supermarkets and stores. I would not trust the Yellow cap alone on CocaCola for assurance that it is the Kosher non-hfcs version. I have seen yellow caps on bottles used for contests of various types, so make sure and read your labels. I just tried the new Sierra Mist naturals and for a 7-up type beverage it was refreshing. I also like the Albertson's Wild Harvest Root Beer, has that old-fashioned flavor and makes a nice float. How many people find the HFCS myths site published by the corn producers to be a biased piece of junk. I got a great chuckle out of their statement that the addition of hfcs to spaghetti sauce replaces "grandma's pinch of sugar"... do they really think we believe they have the equivalent of a "pinch" in it? I am also quite distressed by the change from hfcs to corn sugar to try and make it seem safer... I personally will pay the difference for the "cane" label.

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                                                                  Boylan's also makes exccellent soda with pure cane sugar.

                                                                  Their black cherry, cream and ginger are excellent.

                                                                  Goya also now makes malta with pure cane sugar for those of us who grew drinking that.

                                                                  Whole Foods cola is the one we buy. Have yet to try Mist and got a coupon for it.

                                                                  1. re: wllp

                                                                    Blue Sky Organic is great tasting.

                                                                  2. This is a very old thread but wanted to reply in case someone searches it now like I did. We have coke with sugar and not high fructose corn syrup in local Walmart stores in Southern Maine and NH. It's in glass bottles and you have to read the labels, but it's available all year round and not just at Passover. It's so much better!

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                                                                      Just wanted to add my $.02 on how things have changed as Bren0221 stated.

                                                                      MexiCoke (in glass bottles with the white label on the neck) started showing up in Sam's Club and Costco in more areas around the country, and I've even seen single MexiCoke bottles in my Shop Rite (though curiously it is not in the soda aisle but in the soup & beans aisle presumably because there's a lot of Mexican food there).

                                                                      And I've been stocking up on Passover versions of both Coke and Pepsi when that time of year rolls around.

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                                                                        I asked at the Coke store is Las Vegas, and the lady said now it should be carried in stores like Walmart and Target!

                                                                        It is bottled in california she said...so I am not sure if that means it is made in California too.

                                                                        It's definitely nicer than drinking the regular coke... less sweet but also less fuzzy tho! And it is refreshing... unlike the regular coke which makes you thirsty after the fizz...

                                                                      2. re: Bren0221

                                                                        Don't buy into the new "Throwback" products like Pepsi and Mountain Dew. While it claims to use "Real Sugar" it's actually using genetically modified sugar from genetically modified sugar beets.

                                                                        If you want a cola made with actual sugar then choose one that specifies it's sugar cane as no GMO sugar cane has been approved for entry into the food system.

                                                                        If you want to avoid HFCS then you should want to avoid GMO sugar beet sweetened beverages too as there is little difference between them.

                                                                      3. My local grocery (Fine Fare les) carries the Mexican coca cola, and it is available at at least one of the vendors in Essex Street Market.