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Global Gatherings in Hartsdale??

I've read about this place and thought it would be a fun place to go for a girl's night out. Any comments on the place and the food would be appreciated. Thanks

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  1. Check previous threads. I haven't been but I recall a bunch of very negative posts about it.

    1. We were there over a year ago. great food, but the service pissed me off so much we never went back. In addition, a call to the manager was placed, but I got as far as her assistant. Also, the chairs are uncomfortable.

      1. Service is slow, but that is because all the food is freshly prepared. The chef and owner are both believers in the slow cook movement. Dan (the chef), is a wizard with sauces. He has some really increadible things. The salmon in miso, is one of my top fish dishes ever. I put this as one of my top five or so in all of westchester.

        If you are looking for a hype quick manhattan experience, don't go. They take their time, and its fun to get up between courses and look at the furniture (it's all for sale as it is a furniture store also).

        I would advise to take a risk and judge for yourself.

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          I was there twice and neither time was the service slow. Desiree the owner came over to chat both times. I had salad and an appetizer for a dinner (with a dessert I can't recall but I do know I enjoyed it) and eggs with cheese and deconstructed key lime pie (just delicious) for a brunch. Drinks were perfect. As to the comfort of your chairs, if you don't like yours, choose another.

          Nope, I have many nemeses in Westchester, and Global Gatherings ain't one of them. I recommend it.

        2. GIOny, did you try Global Gatherings after all?

          If no, where did you go?

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          1. re: dolores

            At best, the service is inconsistent. The food is way overpriced. The concept is not conducive to either dining or buying furniture. I'd be hard pressed to recommend this place with so much other better dining (and furniture stores) around.

            1. re: Dim Sum Diva

              "The concept is not conducive to either dining or buying furniture."

              My thoughts on the place exactly.

              1. re: Shawn

                My experience was different. As to overpriced, overpriced is the byword for most restaurants in Westchester.

            2. re: dolores

              No dolores we didn't go yet but I think it's worth a try. They all wanted to go to Harvest on Hudson (some had not been yet) so we'll try Global next.

              1. re: GIOny

                How did you enjoy Harvest on the Hudson-- I'm considering it for my husband's birthday next week?

                1. re: debmom

                  We were just at Harvest for drinks last week - outside - and have to say the restaurant and especially the outdoor area and view are simply gorgeous. We bumped into friends there who were having appetizers and looking at theirs - and everyone else's eating outside - the food "looked" really good but I'm told it's not exceptional, just average.

                  The prices however, as you probably know, are exceptional - We had three mixed drinks served in smallish clear plastic cups with a lot of ice (outside area ya know) and one shirley temple and $45 bucks later on a beautiful atmosphere "high" we went on to dinner elsewhere.

                  The place is beautiful though and the atmsophere and view are worthy of special occassions.

                  1. re: laylag

                    I agree with you = Harvest on Hudson is perfect for appetizers and drinks on a warm summer night - sitting outside in the garden, or inside at the bar can be fun and those personal pizzas and the raw bar are wonderful. I go there with friends to enjoy the atmosphere and their wine selection... My first time there was for a family gathering, and they seated us all in the small room behind the fireplace.. I've gone back many times since, and have always enjoyed the experience.

                  2. re: debmom

                    Sorry, I just noticed this post, I see I'm a little late in replying but there were 5 of us and therefore mixed reviews. Overall the atmosphere is great, really beautiful. For the most part we all enjoyed our meal with a few complaints, my friends calamari in her zuppa di pesce was rubbery, they failed to mention that my skate (fish) had bones, but it really was tasty, another friends drink was brought to her half full (a place like that should really have the large size martini glasses, that would go a long way in making some people happy lol). I can't remember with the other dishes but my skate was served atop of some limp endive, I mean come on give me some veggies or something for that price. Service was spotty, it's funny though (and I notice this at a lot of places) how it seems to perk up towards the end of the meal. Dessert was delicious, that chocolate molten cake was rich and creamy. Like I said overall I would go back (I've been several times before) but I could definitely see they need some improvements, hopefully they are working on it. The total price (with drinks and tip, tax included) we each paid $80.00.

                    1. re: GIOny

                      OK, let me clarify, sorry but I can't seem to find the edit button, but the above post is in response to debmom about our Harvest on Hudson venture, sorry if I confused anyone. I still have not been to Global Gatherings.

              2. I reccomend global gatherings for a special dining experience.Its has a delicious, inventive,and varied menu.Atmosphere is warm and inviting,the owners and staff are very attentive..Bar area is cozy and drinks and appetizers are first rate.Surrounded by many beautiful objects all available for purchase.Its an wonderful restaurant and well worth the trip,

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                  i've been to both places and had good experiences, however i only had appys and cocktails at the bar at global, and have to say it was quite nice. bartender was young and rather inexperienced, but still friendly and made a good drink! i'm going there tomorrow for brunch with my sis and am thinking it'll be nice.

                  i went to harvest on hudson soon after they first opened and thought it was totally overhyped, but now some 7 years later, i went there again for a romantic, leisurely lunch, and it was fantastic. wine was great, the scallops exceptional and the service attentive without being shmoozy or pretentious. i forget which pasta dish i had, but it was sublime. i really love the rustic atmosphere and river view, and definitely want to go back--though likely more for a special occasion. it's pricey, but for some of the stuff, seems worth it.

                  1. re: smoggrocks

                    smoggrocks, you may find the doors closed at Global Gatherings tomorrow.

                    They are, sadly, closed.

                    1. re: dolores

                      Drove by there the other day, the "Global Gatherings" sign is down and a "Jade Palace" sign is now up. Oh please please please let them serve dim sum!

                      1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                        Jade Palace? Wasn't that the name of the long ago Chinese restaurant on Central Ave.???

                        Are they back?!

                        1. re: dolores

                          I think Jade Palace was the restaurant that was there before Global Gatherings.

                            1. re: dolores

                              Maye they own the building and/or the lease and decided to come back.