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Jun 26, 2007 12:43 PM

Looking for two beaters for a Dormeyer Silver Chef 4300

When I took my mixer out of storage last month, I discovered that I misplaced its beaters. Does anyone know where I can buy two beaters for a Dormeyer Silver Chef 4300?

I can be reached at


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  1. Just wondering if you were ever able to find the beaters for this mixer. I also need the beaters.

    1. Where can I get 2 beaters for the Dormeyer Silver-Chef Mixer

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      1. re: ringer2

        EBay seems to have various Dormeyers - including a few sets of beaters.

      2. Ebay has a bunch listed, but you might need to buy an extra mixer, too.

        My local Goodwill has a large bin of beaters, but you need to be SURE you know what you need.

        1. Also try