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Jun 26, 2007 12:39 PM

Lunch in Bethesda for 12?

I'm posting this for my husband. His boss wants to take the office out to lunch in Bethesda. These folks aren't big foodies, but they would like a sit-down place, and a price range of 10-12 bucks for entrees. I don't think places I would enjoy (i.e. Jaleo) would be what this group would like.

So--suggestions for pedestrian-but-decent food, nothing outre, in Bethesda for a big group for lunch?


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  1. If you are looking in downtown Bethesda, Levante is pretty good for big groups and has a decent variety of salads and entrees. Rock Bottom Brewery has all the usual burgers and sandwiches and can handle big groups easily as well. Houston's in the northern part has all the usual fare too.

    1. what about mon ami gabi? I'm pretty sure they have an online menu.

        1. I second the choice for Mon Ami Gabi, though it's gets a little noisy at lunchtime.

          1. I doubt you could hit Jaleo for 10-12 bucks per person. What about Raku? The Bento Box or sushi are great deals.