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Jun 26, 2007 12:27 PM

Seattle Coffeehouse Recommendation

Portlander staying overnight at the Fairmont Olympic looking for a coffeehouse recommendation. Walking or riding public transportation distance preferably. I need wi-fi and would love a spot that is more frequented by locals vs. tourists. Eclectic is cool, great beans a must. I do not visit chain stores. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

FYI, here is my food itinerary :

Shuckers before the game tonight (it's easy and in the hotel)
Havana after the game
Coffeeshop tomorrow morning
Salumi for lunch
Mid-afternoon is still open...
Probably heading back to P-town before dinner.

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  1. If you need wifi, go to Zeitgeist - 171 S Jackson Street.

    If you can do without the internets, Victrola's roastery and cafe on 310 E Pike St is an easy walk & will satisfy.

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    1. re: terrier

      The places I would recommend most highly don't have wifi. But if you have to have it, I'll second the Zeitgeist recommendation. Cherry St has the nicest staff but I think the espresso is terrible (never had the regular coffee).

      1. re: christy319

        I'm curious. What wi-fi-free coffeehouses are you so into?

      2. re: terrier

        Victrola has wifi. I would agree with both suggestions and add Uptown Espresso 4th and Wall in Belltown.

      3. Cherry St Coffeehouse brewed black Coffee is my habit
        (the have pastries and light lunches, too)
        103 Cherry (First & Cherry)
        808 3rd Avenue (3rd & marion)
        2121 First Avenue (Belltown)
        2719 First Avenue (First & Clay)

        Shuckers for Oysters, crabmelt
        go to Salumi early (11:00) or late >2:00

        1. I don't know if they have wi-fi but Belle Epicurean in your hotel has fantastic pastry's. Their ham and cheese "buns" are great.

          When you're at Shuckers, be sure to try the house smoked oysters. Yum.

          1. Capitol Hill:
            Victrola - Pike & Bellevue (10, 11, 14, 43 Bus)
            Vita (Cafe) - Pike & 10th (10 or 11 Bus)
            Vivace - Broadway & Denny (43 Bus)
            Bauhaus - Melrose & Pine (10, 11, 14, or 43 Bus)

            Zoka - Wallingford/U-Village (Multiple Buses)

            All roast their own coffee except Bauhaus.

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            1. re: foodrover

              I agree with Victrola, also Cafe Umbria on Occidental makes a mean latte. I just tried Belle Epicurean (in your hotel) and enjoyed it very much- some seriously strong beans & fantastic pastries. I had the chocolate pecan roll- very good :)

              1. re: foodrover

                I'm down with Victrola--especially in lower caps, but less into the others.

                The truth is, Rose, that there are no fine coffeehouses in your immediate vicinity. If I were you I'd head down to Pioneer Square for Zeitgeist because you'll be a block from Salumi.

              2. Hey Portlander - you didn't mention when you would be visiting Seattle but Salumi will be closed July 3-6. I will be visiting your fair city this weekend (June 30-July 2) for a friend's birthday and the Rembrandt Exhibit. Do you have a recommendation for a chowish place near PAM?

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                1. re: Roo

                  Nice... I've been meaning to check that exhibit out as I'm a member of PAM. Let's see, Higgins is a classic PDX restaurant that's open for lunch and dinner and is about 2 - 3 blocks from the museum. A very easy walk. As a James Beard Award Winner in 2001, Boulet's place at the Heathman Hotel is directly in front of the PAM ( They're open for lunch and dinner as well. Tell me a little more about what you're looking for and I can help you out more. Lunch? Dinner? Casual, ethnic...? I hope you have a great time in PDX!

                  1. re: RosebudSMB

                    victrola has no wifi on the weekends, just fyi... at least not the one on 15th ave

                    i would also recommend online coffee company, especially the new one on 14th and pine: