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Jun 26, 2007 12:24 PM

Tagine for private party?

I'm considering having my 30th bday party at Tagine and renting the whole place out for a Saturday night with around 30 people. Has anyone ever been to a private event here? It looks like it would be a great, sexy spot, but want to check it out...I've actually never been :/ but love Moroccan food and the place looks great, plus the location and prices work. Thoughts?

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  1. Have had the tasting menu twice at Tagine - and loved it both times! The food is wonderful - Moroccan with a gourmet flare. and the service has always been great. Plus, the ambience is wonderful. I've never been to a private event at Tagine, but would consider it a great choice!

    1. I actually did go to a b-day party here, and while we did not purchae out the whole room we did take over 3/4 of it. The waiters were great, and kept bringing out dish after dish at the appropriate times. I think, and I can be wrong, that everyone brought their own wine. Do they not have a license? I would check, and make sure to alert your guests if they do not. i think their is a liquor store with a decent wine stash right next door. The mood/lighting in their was great too.

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        They sell wines and beers at Tagine, so one shouldn't need to worry about that. You might want to check whether they charge a corkage fee for bringing in alcohol.

      2. 30 people might be pushing it there. I'm sure they'll know the limit of course. I might be wrong, but the place is really quite small.