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Jun 26, 2007 12:20 PM

Ottawa: dinner at Domus Cafe or Wellington Gastropub?

My spouse and I will be visiting Ottawa over the Canada Day long weekend. We are a couple traveling with no kids, and will be staying at the Sheraton in downtown Ottawa. We'll have access to a car.

1. For Saturday June 30, we would greatly appreciate your opinion on which is the best place to go for dinner: Domus Cafe or The Wellington Gastropub? There is a wonderful review about the Wellington Gastropub at but I have also read positive opinions about the Domus Cafe.

2. For Sunday July 1st dinner, we would appreciate any suggestions. Will any good places be opened on that day for dinner? Our emphasis is on good food, not hip or fancy ambiance.

On Monday July 2nd we have a reservation for Beckta.

BTW, the Par-fyum menu did not interest me.

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. Sincerely,


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  1. I've always enjoyed my meals at Domus. Might not be the high end meal you're after, but check out the Manx (on Elgin at Frank?). It's a tiny basement pub, with a great beer selection and solid food. Whenever I head to Ottawa, I always fit in a visit...
    If you've never seen the Canada Day fireworks before - you're in for a treat. They're awesome. (Most locals say they prefer the view over the bridge on the Quebec side...there are some great restaurants over there too) Have fun!

    1. Just ate at the wellington gastro-pub two weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Was with two others and we all really liked our meals, I had the berkshire pork for a main and the duck prosciutto app. Thumbs up on both. very casual atmosphere and the service was great. I'll have to keep domus cafe in mind for my next trip to ottawa. Really really want to go to beckta on next visit though

      1. you could phone domus and wellington to see if either is opened on canada day, then go to one saturday night and the other sunday night.

        if you search ottawa byward market you will find recommendations. really everyone will just keep recommending the same things.

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          another place you might want to try is the whalesbone oyster bar. it is a gastropub. the chef there is the former chef from beckta, steve vardy. they have a canada day oyster event planned that sounds fun. it is near parliament hill for all the festivities that day too:

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            Thanks all for your replies!

            We have a reservation at The Wellington Gastropub for Saturday evening, and we are looking forward experiencing what Ottawa has to offer. :)



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              We recently had an awesome lunch at the Wellington Gastropub in Ottawa. So much so, we went back the next night to celebrate a Birthday Dinner with a friend of ours. Dinner was higher than my expectations. Shane the owner even brought me a fresh creme brulee, as I told him it was my favourite, and it wasn't on the dessert menu. What a special touch. The wine list was good and we ordered a wonderful Amarone with dinner. I highly recommend this restaurant!! They change their menu at lunch and diner every DAY!!! We enjoyed it so much that we changed our plans to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary to go back to Ottawa so that we can dine at the Wellington on our Anniversary.....Mmmm yummy!!!

              1. re: flipkeat

                Hey flipkeat

                I agree with you that the Wellington Gastropub is a great restaurant in Ottawa. When we visited it over the Canada Day long weekend, we truly enjoyed our meal. The bread was fresh and tasty; the 'Beef Tartare' had a nice blend of spices; the 'Fig And Apple Raviolis' were interesting, mildly sweet in flavor; the 'Berkshire Pork Loin' was F*A*N*T*A*S*T*I*C, so tender and flavorful, with such a nice texture, it was the highlight of the meal, despite the fact that the baby carrots and golden beets were swimming in oil; the creme brulee and Astra's cheesecake were ok, the weak point of the meal in my opinion. The ambiance is relaxed and fresh.

                If you enjoyed your meal at the Wellington so much, you should try Beckta. We enjoyed the Wellington, but Beckta surpassed it by far. All the dishes were delicious, and the wine paring was impeccable. An unforgettable experience!



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                  Hey Thom,
                  Funny, but we've been there also..I'm a bit tired of it actually.
                  We just returned from a few days in Gatineau and happy to report another fantastic meal at the Wellington Gastropub. My DH had the Berkshire Pork Loin and totally agrees with your comment. I had a taste and it truly was delicious. I had a filet which cooked to perfection. My DH had a lovely salad with spiced pecans, balsamic dressing and it was simply heaven. We had chcocolate creme brulee and a cake with dates & coconut pecan sauce..Mmm good. We like the casual atmosphere of the Wellington with the addition of such great variable menus. (twice daily) WOW!!!