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Did La Verdad alter its shtick?

I heard from a reliable source that they're now only serving taco *plates*--i.e., $12 minimum.--at least at dinner. Anyone else been there in the last few days?

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  1. I heard that too. Haven't been to verify though.

    1. Perhaps they are hoping to increase the dinner check average in order to attract better FOH staff?

      1. I heard that too, which is hugely disappointing. It wasn't like that when I was there.

        The first time I went I got great tacos and perfectly strong margaritas (i.e. VERY strong). So I sent a big group of friends there on a recommendation, they were beyond excited for pitchers of margaritas. When they came they said they weren't drinkable, they tasted like Gatorade. My friend asked the waitress "I thought you served good margaritas". "We do." "Are they strong?" "Yes, very strong"

        So he went to the bartender, asked the same questions, got the same answers. My friend asked him to define strong "Sir, we pour 1.25 ounces of 100% agave tequila in every 12 ounce drink. Your pitcher is 60 oz or margarita, so that's 6 oz of tequila". Less than a shot of tequila in a 12 oz. margarita is beyond unacceptable, especially at $8 a pop. They were outraged and left immediately. The place seems to have gone from hero to zero in no time.

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          Blech. My own Margarita recipe includes 2 oz of tequila and 2.5 oz of other stuff. My solution to this issue at La Verdad and places like it that mix up weak Margaritas is to order Tequila Gimlets.

        2. I was there on a non-game day and the waitress told me that they only serve single tacos when there is a game and its crazy busy.

          1. was there for lunch this past weekend, and only the plates. But the takeout still sells'em

            1. To hell with that! That will probably be the death knell for this place. I was also pretty disappointed in the margaritas the last time I was there -- WAY too sickly sweet for my taste and not strong at all.

              1. We were there for the first time last week and they only were serving taco plates. You could mix and match. I had a carne asada, chicken and fish taco. We shared guacamole and I had a glass of sangria. Everything was mediocre to ok. IMO, Zocala serves better fish tacos and guacamole. The carne asada taco was tasty and I am a sucker for sangria.

                1. This is a huge dissapointment for me. I went to la verdad (only once) with my boyfriend and few months ago and we LOVED it, despite the negative reviews. Now we have spend a minimum of $12 and the margs aren't that good? Forget it.

                  I wish other taquerias sold margs....know of any that do? Fajitas and ritas doesn't count :(

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                    I agree. It was my third time there yesterday and will be my last for a LONG while. I would be a regular if I could still get two tacos for under $3 each and split a torta... but with the new $12 minimum, forget it. Their beer prices even went up. BOO to the new menu.

                  2. Was there yesterday before the game, fifth time so far. Love sitting outside and people watching before a game, 2 hours before first pitch seems to guarantee such a seat. The tacos are indeed three to a plate now, but the prices start at about $10, not 12. Tried the lobster one, which is an extra 5 dollars, but which did include two full claws of meat. The food remains delicious, and the service problems seem to have dissapated, but yes, the pitcher of margaritas seemed more like limeade, especially after the ice had melted and watered the whole thing down. I'll stick to the beer next time. Yeah, a little more expensive now, but far better food than the Bud Light and nachos you see everywhere else down the street.

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                      Unless you're going to pour out the pitcher immediately into glasses (they claim each pitcher is the equiv of 4.5 margs) I recommend buying by the glass. I thought they were among the best margarita's I've had at any bar.

                      Also note, they lowered the price of their tequila's by the glass.

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                        The quality of the ingredients and the preparation of the margarita is excellent. But they simply do not add enough tequila. I wonder if it has anything to do with the Improper reporter that followed KO around for a day and noted that a party sent back the margaritas as too strong? Since that article came out they have been bad. Margaritas are the one drink that taste truly terrible if there isn't enough alcohol. You really need to get the right mix (esp. at $8 a drink!)

                        I went yesterday before the Sox game as well. I had hoped the last report on margaritas was a fluke, but that was not the case. However, the Torta Carnitas I got was excellent, and at $9 is well worth it. It's still the best torta I've had this far from Mexico.

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                          I'm sorry to see the mediocre/bad reviews. I went there a week or so after they opened and the tacos were great, if expensive. I got takeout, so I didn't try the Margaritas. It seemed like a promising place at first.