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Jun 26, 2007 11:35 AM

Lincolnville, ME???

Where are the good dinner restaurants for us to eat wonderfully at in the Lincolnville Maine area?
Thank you for your help!

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  1. For a gorgeous waterview and outdoor patio dining, try The Edge at the Inn at Water's Edge. Long private drive located off of Rt. 1.

    1. Hi vozick,
      The Edge has a good rep but I haven't been there, as of yet,Two very easy endorsements in Lincolnville that I can make are;

      The Whale's Tooth Pub & Restaurant (great water's edge location)

      Youngtown Inn & Restaurant (more formal)

      Obtw, avoid the The Lobster Pound Restaurant at all costs!


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      1. re: Harp00n

        Why is that? I was thinking about canceling my reservation at Atlantica to go there. We have three nights in Camden and will also be eating at Francine and Primo and wanted to have a more casual night. Thanks in advance for the input.

        1. re: shellymck

          shellymck & gorgo,
          Let me back-up just a bit. My blood sugar might have been spiking the other night, causing me to go slightly hyperbolic.There are no Board of Health issues here, honest. It' just that The Lobster Pound is so middle of the pack and the bang for the buck ratio is low. Very similar to Cook's on Bailey Island, further south, and not even as good as that over-priced tourist trap. If you want a real lobster in the rough experience I would suggest Waterman's Beach or Young's and probably in that order but they're both very good. Obtw, Atlantica has never disappointed us.


        2. re: Harp00n

          Yes, why? It's been a while, but this place was terrific.(Lobster Pound)

          1. re: Harp00n

            I think the Lobster Pound is very good, but if you don't want to risk a dinner go for lunch.

            Also the Youngstown Inn is great - we got married there and the dinner was fabulous, our guests still rave about it! If you can stay there, the breakfasts are also wonderful!


          2. We already have our Primo reservations. Would the Chows recommend Francine or the Edge for our second night? Food, as well as ambience.


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            1. re: Nancy White

              Have to agree with the Lobster Pound. It is not even in the same category as the others. Same old boring tourist trap medicore food.

              I ate this past Saturday at the Edge, wow, it was so beautiful, and the atmoshpere was so nice. They valet you to the door of the restaurant in a golf cart, so nice. Also, the food was delicious. We will definitely go back, enjoyed it more than Primo.
              But....Francine has better food, but only by a bit. Chef Hill at Francine is amazing. The atmoshopere at Francine is definitely livelier and more busy than The Edge. It depends on what you are looking for. Edge: more relaxed, on the ocean, bit more romantic. Francine: Very lively, funky music, creative cuisine.
              Both are fabulous, you can't go wrong. Expect to spend about 140.00 if you have some wine or drinks at either place, apps and dessert. Worth every penny!

              1. re: aynne35

                Well now I've got to finally go over The Edge after your fine report.

                  1. re: Passadumkeg

                    Ya but, the report makes me itchy.

                    1. re: Harp00n

                      You got the money honey,
                      And I got the time.

                      Markie Nelson

                      1. re: Passadumkeg

                        Obtw, Passadumkeg, the poet,
                        Regarding your iambic pentameter on the Woodmans vs. J.T. Farnan's post;
                        I think heart of palm would work better with calm but spam would go wonderfully clam :-))

                  2. re: Harp00n

                    A bit more on the Edge vs Francine's. The Edge is very Maine, top end restaurant. Its got the best view and a great slate terrace by the water where you can have drinks before going indoors to your table where you will have a relaxing European dinner, meaning time to chat and enjoy conversations between courses. Francine is a tight space, though beautiful. I love the food there, but the tables are small and they want you in and out when you finally get to your table. I like going there in Winter. The service at the Edge is second to none much better than Primo's service, which is sloppy. The wine list at the Edge is very nice too.

                    1. re: Maine Foodie

                      Thanks for the very thoughtful response, Seth. I've been to Francine's a few times and pretty much concur with all your observations. A visit to The Edge is even more imperative at this juncture. At 6'3" & 280lbs., believe me, I appreciate having room to roam, so to speak. I also appreciate a discreet but friendly professional staff and can, and certainly do, overlook minor faux pas if the service is good.

                      I also read your post on the thread regarding 3Tides in Belfast. Believe it or not,
                      if there's enough good input on an OP I'll with hold comment because there's some really knowledgeable Hounds out there that can always teach you something new, such as yourself and that crazy man, Passadumkeg :-)) I wasn't aware of this place at all but, again, it certain sounds like my kinda place and goes on the old list. So thanks for that rec, also.


                      Obtw, Inquiring minds want to know, how'd the apples whites hold up in your red, white & blue Martha of Maine creation?

                      1. re: Harp00n

                        JMJ! A six three tail gunner? I'm elfish at 5' 8" 180(w/ 16 lbs lost in the last 2 mo.) . Man, I'm so envious of this thread. With 1 kid "drowning" in Austin, another "baking" in Las Vegas, a phantom in Seoul and 2 home for the summer, both of these places sound like a wonderful respite from life's woes. I often pass, in Lincolnville Beach, Chez Michael and the Whale Somethingorother Pub, any input on these places?
                        I'm about to take a bunch of boy scouts out on a 3 day kayak paddle out of Jonesport and I'm blessed that I don't have to cook for them, but am awake wondering if I should drown my sorrows w/ gourmet treats a la island or just tough it out w/ MRE's and remove myself a respectful distance w/ a good book.
                        There is, however, light at the end of the tunnel. Next weekend begins the North Atlantic Blues Festival in Rockland; 3 days of great music, bountious fair food by day and fine dining, drink and dance by night! There is always room at the table.

                        I refused to take out a group of marine officers and cook for them, preferring instead the innocent company of boy scouts!? Navy corpseman syndrome?

                        Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again

                        1. re: Harp00n

                 you beat at 6'6" here. The apples held up with LOTS of lemon juice, but for texture, I wouldn't use them again....using straight blueberries is so much better and elegant..but you gotta try something new, right?

                          1. re: Maine Foodie

                            well I'd bow to you but since I'm already lower....... :-))

                        2. re: Maine Foodie

                          ^^^^^^^All true. At Francine, if you have 4 or more people you can ask for the round table in the back, we had dinner there Saturday night ( 4 of us ) very spacious and relaxing. But you have to request that table. We lingered over coffee and dessert as well, but that is because we had an 8:30 reservation and we were the last table for that seating. God dinner was so good, better than Primo I really believe. The Edge is so close in food, but I have to give Francine the 10 for freshness and changing theentire menu ever ysingle day!

                          The Edge is also great and like mainefoodie says you can stretch out, relax, amazing view and bar , great wine and service.

                          I am a little suprised that anyone think the price is high for a high end dinner with wine and apps and dessert. It's not cheap but that is not the piurpose of dining at a place like that.
                          The 4 of us at Francine this weekend spent 365.00 with tax and tip. We indulged though, cocktails, wine, apps, apertifs, ports with dessert, you name it.

                          1. re: Maine Foodie

                            We had an excellent meal at The Edge recently (May, 2010). The food was fantastic, service very good, and the views unbeatable. The Edge and the Inn at Ocean's Edge are first class places.

                            We had a bad experience at Primo in Rockland - bad attitude and OK food. The attitude here reminded me of a stuck up NYC restaurant, which doesn't work in maine.

                    2. Going to Lincolnville next weekend - any updates on this old thread please.

                      1. known for me locally as "The Tooth". It is a solid pleaser, skip the "Lobster Pounding"