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Jun 26, 2007 11:34 AM

Looking for Ethnic Markets

Hi Y'all,
I am fairly new to the North Boston area. I moved here from Colorado a few months ago. Wakefield, actually. I tend to eat at home a lot more than I go out. I would love to find some good Ethnic Markets.
I have found lots of great Italian markets around. However I am really missing Mexican food. Colorado also has lots of great Asian and Indian Markets. I am sure they must be some around here someplace.
Any one know of some. Preferably north of Boston.

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  1. Welcome. Mexican markets will be disappointing for you but there are areas that have decent hispanic markets. Chelsea and East Boston come to mind. We ae Ok for Asian and the big Asian supermarkets are your best best including Super88, CMart and Mings. They are branches in Chinatown, Brighton and Quincy but I'm not sure of what is North of Boston. Indian is also OK with smaller stores in Central Square (Cambridge) and Waltham (on Moody Street). in Wakefield, a chowhound favorite cheap eats restaurant is Zalek's that i have yet to try.

    1. Union Square in Somerville has Latino (La Internacional), Asian (Reliable), Indian (Little India, New Bombay), Bangladeshi (Halal Market), Brazilian (Pao de Acucar, Casa de Carne), and Italian (Capone’s) as well as a very fine general supermarket (Market Basket). I'm not sure you can beat it for density, but I'd love to see someone try...

      1. The Hi Lo in Jamaica Plain is a good hispanic market.

        1. Moody St. in Waltham has several ethnic markets. La Chapincita is good for chiles, tortillas, crema, and other Mexican items. Indus Valley has good produce and both Mexican and Indian supplies.

          There is also a Mexican market on Main St., although I haven't been. I believe it is called La Favorita.

          Here's an old link to a Globe article that gives a little more detail.

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            There is also Mexican/Central American stuff in Waltham India Market on Moody. The upper stretch of Moody is well worth a stroll. Lots of Indian (including a S. Indian (Bangladeshi?) place with mostly freezers) and Latin.

          2. From Wakefield, I-95 (Rt 128 to us locals) S to Rt 3A North, in Burlington - go up the hill and on the right is China Merchandise - Chinese, Indian, some Japanese.

            Into Boston on I-93S, Sullivan Square exit in Somerville to Union Square - Reliable Market for Korean and Japanese. Proceed down Somerville Ave. to Porter Square for Kotobukiya - Japanese market, full restaurant (Blue Fin), and food court (ramen, katsu, donburi - a great Japonais Bakery kiosk).

            Drive up Rt 3 to Lowell. Good selection of SEA restaurants and grocery stores. Battambang is a decent supermarket - live fish, chicken feet and great price on frozen shrimp. Off of Drum Hill Circle, Pho88 is top notch Vietnamese, but also has one of the best Shabu-Shabu's around - better than some in Boston.

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              In the same plaza as China Merchandise is an Indian market, Eastern Spice I believe, that has some interesting stuff. For the oldtimers - it seems to be under new management, so worth a peek if you're at China Merch. anyhow.

              For cheftori, who's new to the neighborhood, this little plaza is on the right opposite the highschool athletic field. You can't see C.M. until you turn into the parking lot.

              Also if you want Middle-Eastern, search this site on Armenian-Watertown for that strip on Mt. Auburn Street.