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vancouver for 3 days -- must eat?

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i will be in vancouver for just a few days in mid august. i'm looking for tips on any kind of food that my husband and son and i should not miss! especially local, in season, all kinds of ethnic.


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  1. Vancouver has some of the very best restaurants but for a three day visit I would go to:
    Parkside (for a nicer, kinda romantic, quiet atmosphere)
    Guu (noisy, japanese not sushi-verrrrrry busy so make it an early dinner)
    Nu-if it a beautiful sunny day have lunch or early dinner on the patio

    If your son is really young, there is a bistro called The Mill...let me say the food is totally average (nachos, bar food) but it is right on the seawall and there is a water park for the kids to play in front of it.

    1. I've mentioned this before.... Vij's is some of the best & most ineresting food that I have had in a long time. The wait can be long, but it is pleasant and they serve little snacks while you wait.

      1. With our ten year old, we have been fortunate enough to enjoy some great meals in Vancouver...One tip though is always get first seating....places are very accomidating with kids when its early...later during a rush, not so much.

        Parkside -great staff, even though we live in Seattle and only go once every 6 months they remember us and are fabulous....

        Feenies - son loved the burger - I had great Kazu sablefish and my wife a fantastic shepards pie(it was Feb) again, service was fantastic, and family friendly...

        We also had a great time at Dim Sum, and be sure to mess around on Granville Island.

        Have a great time !

        1. 1) Vij's
          2) Szechuan Chongqing on Broadway near Granville for ginger beef, hot & sour soup, eggplant hotpot, dry fried green beans (and good dim sum any morning)

          1. If it's a nice sunny day, I would suggest Go Fish! for lunch of fish&chips and other fresh seafood entrees. They get their fish daily from the Fisherman's Wharf where they are located and it's a great stop before or after visiting Granville Island.

            1. thanks for the tips so far, everyone! we'd love some recommendations for chinatown, too...

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                The biggest misconception in Vancouver is that Chinatown is a dining destination. In reality, there's really not much there. Some people are fans of Floata Seafood restaurant on Keefer. I had a dinner there 2 years ago with a large group, but didn't find it anything special. It sits hidden away upstairs from a shopping mall. It's one of the best options right in Chinatown. The few other restaurants that exist in Chinatown are only open until the afternoon and many appear a bit dumpy. Some others, like Hon's, are fine for a quick lunch as long as you don't mind feeling like you're chowing down in a cafeteria.

                There's hundreds of Chinese restaurants outside of Chinatown though. Richmond is one place that exceeds Vancouver's Chinese restaurant options, if you're willing to travel 20 minutes south of downtown Vancouver.

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                  I definitely agree... don't bother to eat in Chinatown. If you want to stay downtown, I would suggest Kirin. If you have transportation, though, Richmond is definitely worthwhile for the Chinese cuisine. I like to take tourists to Aberdeen Centre (a big Chinese mall) because it's such a different experience, the food court is fun (ridiculously delicious fried chicken wings at Wo Fung!), and there are some good restaurants (Northern Delicacy for Shanghainese, Fisherman's Terrace for dim sum or Cantonese dinner, Tropika's for Malaysian, and it looks like there's a new Guu for Japanese izakaya/tapas). Here's the website: http://www.aberdeencentre.com/en/inde...