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Jun 26, 2007 11:16 AM

Plano - Opinions on Chicago's Finest Pizza?

Does anyone have experiences with Chicago's Finest Pizza (corner of Spring Creek and Independence in Plano). Their menu looks promising from their website, but I never see too many cars parked around there when I drive by at lunchtime. It looks like they offer a lot of options, like Italian beef "samiches".

It always seems when I start to go there, I always detour over to Fred's for a sure thing quality cheesesteak.

Mr Bean

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  1. you caught my attention with the cheesesteak comment, is it as good as you say, and relatively authentic for an non Philedelphia establishment?

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      Run a search on Fred's and you'll find a lot of positive feedback.

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        I think Fred's is great. Fred himself is from Philly as you will see from the decor of the place. I've never been to Philly myself so I have nothing to compare to, but I really like Fred's sandwiches. Plus, it's an individual owned place and I try to frequent those as much as possible.

        Give it a try and let us know what you think.

      2. Chicago's Finest Pizza used to be a Rosati's chain based in Chicago. They split from the company but according to them kept the same vendors. As far as the pizza goes, the thin crust tastes pretty much spot on with what I grew up with the Rosati's in Chicago. The deep dish is just ok IMHO. As far as the Italian Beef Sandwiches, in a pinch if you're hunkering for a Chicago Italian Beef sandwich than it isn't bad but the last two times I've had their Italian Beef it was on the tad bit side of dry. Regardless I still love the place as it reminds me of home.

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          Thanks for the feedback - I'll give it a try but I'll stick with the thin crust. I'm really a big fan of deep dish pizza and haven't found any I truly liked here in the North Dallas area. I used to live in Austin and the deep dish pizza at Conan's Pizza (wheat crust) is my favorite food in the entire world. I've heard good things about Chicago St Pizza, also in Plano, but have only tried their lunch specials and haven't gotten a whole pizza.

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            OMG Conan's is the bomb. I grew up in Austin and walking home from Odom, I used to pass Conan's on Stasney (now moved to new Stasney location). My sister and I would pop in and nibble breadsticks off the salad bar. I will never forget the yeasty smell of dough and sauce! The wheat crust deep dish pepperoni is the food I dream of. The nuttiness of the crust and the sauce - so tangy - I have never found a recipe or restaurant that comes close.

        2. +1 on Fred's, very good and the place smells like a cheesesteak place!

          I'm still hunting for a true thin New York style pizza in Dallas, but for now we're frequenting Alfredo's Pizza at Trinity Mills and Midway. I'd give it a B or B+.

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            Angelo's is good. They also deliver to the N. Dallas area. Husband's fave is the veal Parmesan with alfredo instead of marinara. Very rich, very good dippins for the bones too.