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Jun 26, 2007 11:06 AM

phx - price of milk

so this weekend i swung by safeway on 7th ave and osborn to grab some milk for morning lattes, and i almost had a panic attack. 5 bucks a gallon and its not even organic? thankfully the organic brand was 'on sale' and i paid 3.50 for a half a gallon. ouch!!

then, on, indicating we have the highest milk prices in the nation :

as much as possible, i try to do the localvore thing. what are my options on locally produced milk? if i'm going to pay a small fortune for milk, i'd rather be buying from a local person. do i have any choices? right now it doesn't seem like it.

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  1. Fry's last night it was 1.99 with the reward card thingy.

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        I don't, except for people living in Gilbert near my favorite grocery, Super Target. That place is just incredible, with terrific house brand food and reasonable prices on just about everything.

        Those reward cards work by jacking up the prices on everything in the store and then offering prices barely below the suggested retail on half of it. For example, pints of Ben & Jerry's are usually over 4 dollars unless they go on sale at Safeway, Fry's, and Albertson's, while they're regularly 2.99 a pint at Super Target. If I have to shop at one of the Big Three, when the checker asks if I found everything OK I make a habit of letting them know I was hoping to find everyday low prices without having to use a card but didn't see them anywhere.

    1. I didn't notice the price so much as I noticed that Fry's recently began carrying Horizon Organic, something I noticed only within the last two weeks.

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        any chance you remember how much? thats what i got for 3.50...

        1. re: winedubar

          no idea - it's one of those things i don't price because if it's not Horizon...i won't buy it. i'm not saying it's *the best* milk, but in my opinion, it is the tastiest and lasts longer than most others.

      2. On the topic of organic milk, I heard last week that Shamrock was going to start producing organic milk for our area. Their herd is SE of Phoenix.

        So the price should be going down for the organic stuff - and it will be locally produced, therefore fresher.

        Doesn't Trader Joe's carry Horizon?

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        1. re: mamamia

          I don't think I've seen Horizon at TJ's; however, TJ's does sell organic milk under their own label. We almost always buy our milk at TJ's. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a receipt reader or price tag checker, so I can't tell you what they're charging for it these days. Also, I imagine the milk is trucked in from CA, so it probably isn't for those trying to buy locally produced stuff.

          1. re: hohokam

            I buy milk at Sprouts or Trader Joe's. We don't go through much(we usually end up tossing the quart having gone bad ebfore we got through it) so I don't pay much attention to price but do know it's cheaper at both these locations unless it's on ad at one of the big markets.

            Both carry organic. I think Sprouts has Horizon. They also have their private label which isn't organic but is rBst free(same at TJ"s as well that the non-organic is rBst free). Don't know if the Sprouts brand is from a local dairy but they do emphasis using local growers, etc so maybe?

          2. re: mamamia

            Shamrock is in fact producing organic milk - they have it available at Sprouts for $2.79/half gallon (it's on sale right now). They also carry Horizon and Organic Valley, both of which are $3.99/half gallon.

            1. re: azhotdish

              Just got my Sprouts flyer.....Horizon Organic is on 'Special' this week for $4.99/ gallon.....(week of 6/27/07)

              1. re: azhotdish

                I just found the article about Shamrock, if anyone is interested.

              2. re: mamamia

                awesome!! thanks everyone, i totally forgot about shamrock, and their organic offering is just icing on the cake. i'll sub that into my rotation. safeway milk prices be damned ;)

              3. I had a similar experience at Safeway last week. I was seeking milk and heavy cream. Both were outrageously priced, so I put my other groceries back and went to Fry's.

                Basha's does the thing where you buy four gallons and get the 5th free or buy 5 and get the 6th free or something like that. But I stopped buying milk there, because the quality is the worst. Always within a couple days of the sell-by date, which doesn't work out well for a single guy. And it just tastes weird.

                Glad to hear about Shamrock organic. I think their products are consistently fresh tasting.

                1. I don't know about the Safeway store where you get your milk,but ours is always buy one get one free,so if you just picked up one gallon it would be $5.pick up two and it's $2.50 per.
                  Food City usually has the best prices on milk,also Ranch Market.

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                  1. re: twodogs

                    That may very well be the case at my Safeway. The problem is I have no business bringing home two gallons of milk at once. Indefinitely, one will end up in the trash.