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Jun 26, 2007 11:02 AM

Don't mail order Vienna beef hot dog kits through Lou Malnati's website

I've ordered Vienna beef and Italian beef kits through the former and now and has the Vienna hot dog kit become a disappointment. You used to get a jar of the green relish and a jar of sport peppers with a Vienna hot dog kit order. Now you get a cryovac pack with a fraction of the quantity that is in the jars. Plus, once you open the pack, how do you store it? Apparently I'm supposed to eat it all at once (which might be possible because there is such a teeny quantity in the packages). This is a real downer. I really think some marketing genius at Malanti's dropped the ball on this one. They must think their customers are fools.

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  1. Go to the source - the Vienna Beef website. Shop from there and you can order the hot dogs, Polish and Italian Beef. Seperately or in kits, plus you can order the condiments sperately in 10.5 and 12 oz jars. The kits say that the condiments are in jars. Check it out.

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      You know I was going to do that until I ran the numbers and they wanted about $150 to ship $150 orth of merchandise. I kid you not...