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Jun 26, 2007 10:59 AM

BK - restaurant with a garden for large groups?

I'm looking for a restaurant in BK that has a garden sufficient for a group of 12+? Any type of food. Big going away party on Friday...


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  1. Frankies on Court Street!!

    1. Le Petit Cafe on Court Street (Simple American, but very fresh, but have never been for dinner. Brunch is Amazing, and they have one of the most beautiful encloses gardens I´ve seen in New York) it's at Luquor St, I think.

      Convivium Osteria on 5th Ave at about Bergen (Italian, kinda pricy, but amazing atmosphere)

      Loulou (French) Dekalb in Fort Greene

      And I second Frankies on Court Street

      1. Lunetta on Smith Street has a fairly large outdoor garden; I had a party there for 15+ a few years ago when it was still Taku. I second the Frankies suggestion, too.