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Jun 26, 2007 10:58 AM

Easy-prep party drink?

I'm having a all girl gather as one of events for my birthday next week. The focus is not going to be on food but I'm preping something on the side to nibble on. I'll have some mini expresso cup cakes, fruit salad, and a savery dish that's kind of like mini onion tarts. I need help on a light drink on top of the sodas. Can't be too alcoholichy, since the gathering will be in the early afternoon and most ppl are driving. Any ideas besides a summer sangria?

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  1. how about a spiked arnold palmer.

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    1. re: howchow

      Add citron vodka and triple sec to your Arnold Palmer and it becomes a John Daly.

      I have heard from the bar manager at work that the lemonade and iced tea were there to camouflage the gin in Palmer's preferred version of the drink, but I haven't been able to find anything to back up the claim.

    2. Good dry sparkling wine mixed with bottled peach nectar and garnished with raspberries. Light and refreshing.

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        Another peach nectar option I've been enjoying lately:

        4 oz peach nectar, 1/2 oz rose syrup, 1.5 oz Rye or other whiskey, ice and club soda to fill a 12 oz glass, lime garnish. the first 3 can be premixed en masse.

      2. well you probably already had your soiree

        but my fave, easy, summery, and pink-- for bonus points-- drink

        is a huge pitcher of pink lemonade with raspberry stoli. easy as pie and universally popular. can be easily dressed up with floating citrus and/or berries, or paper parasols. :)

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          A nice cold sangria is always a hit I add a little Moscato d'Asti for that extra umph). And another huge crowd-pleaser is Lychee Punch (made with Lichido Liqueur, Ketel One Vodka, Lychee Juice, Lemon Juice, a drop of Lemon Extract, and a buch of lychee nuts from a can). Really can't beat that one.