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Jun 26, 2007 10:57 AM

Where to buy ribs at the St. Lawrence Market

I purchased ribs from Town & Country Farms in the SLM Farmers Market on the weekend. They turned out to be the only bad ones I've made this year. Tough even though they weren't dried out & had been marinated for 2 days. Go figure.

Does anyone know a reliable butcher for baby back ribs?

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  1. Costco is reliable and reasonable.

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    1. re: Yongeman

      2nd costco..not to fatty, not too lean. perfect for the grill. never had a bad experience and very well priced.

    2. Believe it or not, I've always had great luck with Loblaw's. I know, it surprises me too!!!

      1. I've had some great ribs from Whitehouse meats at the SLM...and good pork chops too!

        1. I get all my "standard" meat from Bob at Upper Cut in the SLM. He doesn't carry buffalo and ostrich and horse like Whitehouse, and it's not organic hand-fed-and-massaged-by-nymphs like Whitehouse, but he's never done me wrong. And it reminds me I am due for a nice backyard ribfest.

          (and I am almost embarrassed and surprised to agree with Yongeman that Costco's meat is surprisingly good... but I try to support Bob when possible)

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          1. re: Smalph

            Smalph - you reminded me - where is Upper Cut located in the SLM? If it's the one I'm thinking of...I had some great ribs from there last year...

            1. re: tochipotle

              Just north of Future Bakery, just west of Olympic Cheese, middle aisle.

              And while you're at SLM, head down to Domino's (the dumpy store in the corner of the basement) and see if they still have the *phenomenal* deal on truffle oil. The (amazing) brand I paid Caviar Direct $22 for one of those itty-bitty bottles, that Domino's is charging $38 for 500 ml. Not for your ribs, but good to have on hand. It was on the wall right next to the checkout.

              1. re: Smalph

                That's the place! Ribs were great - and they were on sale at the time!
                Thanks for the tip on truffle oil! (Just bought some for my MIL, wish I knew about this before hand though!!! Guess I'll just have to get some for myself!)

                1. re: tochipotle

                  Whitehouse has excellent meat, but I found their pork ribs a bit too lean for my way of preparing ribs. Costco does have the optimal pork ribs, the back ribs have just the right amount of fat.

                2. re: Smalph

                  Couple of things..
                  Winner's has had 500 ml bottles of truffle oil on sale for $6.99 for a while, but you have to search them out. I've gone a bit off truffle oil after hearing how synthetically it is manufactured.


                  And about the ribs at SLM, I find most butchers good but it is the cut of ribs that makes the difference. The danish cut had far too much meat on it that wasn't one the bone and it dried out before the rest was tender. First choice: baby back, then back, then side.

                  1. re: Mila

                    While, oddly, I hate to sound too much like a food snob, the truffle oil from Winners almost certainly won't compare to this particular brand. I smelled and sampled six or seven of the brands offered at Caviar Direct in SLM, and the $22/1.5oz (or thereabouts) one was so far beyond the rest that I don't think I could ever go back. Just spectacular. Finding a bottle several times larger and only slightly more expensive was definitely a find!

                    I should probably try to do something useful like decipher the brand name for anyone who might want it. And see if it's made out of chemicals or not.

                    But I do completely agree with you that rib cut is pertinent. And after spending hours making (or eagerly anticipating the plateful at a restaurant) them, an unhappy cut is a tragedy.

                    1. re: Smalph

                      So what do you think, is it real truffle oil made from the shavings of truffles or a manufactured chemical compound. If you think it is the real thing I'd love to know the brand name. And absolutely, the Winner's brand is not top shelf but if all I'm paying for is a chemical blend then I'd rather pay less.

                      I'm often down at Domino's for something or another so I'll pick some up if you think it is the real thing. BTW, Domino has a great deal on beautiful fresh vanilla beans.

                      1. re: Mila

                        Mila, I'm honestly not prepared at this moment to say if it's the real thing or not (I'm on lunch at work, it's at home), but it is the most deliciously fragrant, robust, and earthy "truffle oil" (quotes just in case!) I have come across. I'd still pay the difference even if it is assorted chemicals. It's that yummy. But I'll have a look at the label tonight and see if it's got details, and get back to y'all.

                        Now, I'm craving Via Allegro's mushroom risotto with truffle oil. Perhaps the most delicious thing I've ever eaten!

                        1. re: Smalph

                          LOL, now you've got me craving truffle anything. I'm at work too and will check the Winner's label tonight and report back.

                          1. re: Smalph

                            Okay here is my report back. It is White Truffle Oil at $8.99 for 250 ml, brand name Napa Valley Harvest. The ingredients reads, in order: Olive Oil, Canola Oil and White Truffle Essence.

                            The label reads "made from extra virgin olive oil and white truffles".

                            So my thinking is that they do use truffle shavings but probably not Italian truffle shavings. Maybe something locally grown, Spanish or otherwise. I flung off a quick email to them with some inquires.

                            1. re: Mila

                              Okay, here is my report back! Sorry for the delay. I went to Winners to find some of the Napa Valley truffle oil, to do a comparison.

                              The aroma of the stuff I got at SLM (made with "truffle aromas") is much - MUCH - richer. I did a taste of each one - nothing fancy, just a couple of drops of each, straight up. Both are pretty strong that way, with the SLM one being considerably more powerful. The big kicker for me was that the Napa Valley left a very unpleasant waxy feeling on the inside of my mouth. It was like it congealed on my tongue. I'm guessing it's from the canola blend, being a bit "thicker" than the straight olive oil. Whatever it was, I spent 20 minutes trying to get the taste and texture out of my mouth.

                              Just in case I had a vested interest in "protecting" the (perceived) merits of the SLM oil, I had a foodie friend do a blind smelling/tasting of the two. She didn't experience the waxy-mouth from the Napa Valley, but she immediately declared the SLM one "far and away, no comparison" superior to the Napa Valley. When asked if it was four-times-the-price better, she still said yes, though probably not universally.

                              That said, YMMV, plus the Napa Valley is perfectly nice (if you don't get waxy-mouth), and comparable to some of the lower-priced ones I'd purchased before, and it's considerably better priced than those (if you can find it... I got the last one hidden cunningly behind identically-labelled balsamic vinegars at the Winners I went to).

                              I do find both oils' labelling curious. Napa Valley's says both "white truffles" and "white truffle essence". Which is it? What is "essence" compared to "aromas"? And the SLM one doesn't have "Canadian" labelling - does "aroma" mean something more authentic in Italy? I don't have any answers there, I'm afraid.

                              1. re: Smalph

                                Excellent work on the side by side tasting Smalph. It is much appreciated and I'll head down to Domino's to pick up some. Is the brand name YMMV? I was at Domino's last week and they had three brands I and I couldn't remember the prices you mentioned when I was there.

                                I sent a quick email off to Napa Valley and this is the response they sent:

                                "Thank you for your inquiry about our products. Our White truffle oil is
                                made with a concentrated truffle oil extract that is derived from
                                Italian white truffles. We do not use any chemical derivatives or
                                compounds in our truffle oil products.

                                Best regards,

                                Arthur Perkins"

                                1. re: Mila

                                  Naturally, I can't recall (and didn't write down) the name of the SLM brand, but I'll try to remember tonight. If you're at Domino's tonight (and I do hope they still have it!), it's a 250ml (I think) "rectangular" type of bottle, clear, with a creamy-white label with a sort of royal-looking crest on it, plus a couple of little truffles. It was $39.95 when I bought it, but I did make the mistake of nattering on about what a great price that was, so I also hope they didn't jack it up!

                                  Nice to see, also, that Napa Valley is using genuine truffle. I really wish theirs didn't give me the waxy-mouth (and since you bought some and didn't experience that, and my friend didn't, either, it may be specific to lucky ol' me). Pure olive oil would also be nice, but at the price, it would be silly to complain. (aside: "YMMV" means "your mileage may vary", as in, my experience may not be yours... so I hope I don't lead you or anyone else wrong)

                                  1. re: Smalph

                                    The oil at Domino's (I hope) is "Rommens Heydary Caviar", although it's only written in teeny-tiny script on the "crest" on the label, and then sideways on the import information on the side.

                                    Finally. I certainly did manage to drag this out to a silly length. Apologies.

                3. re: Smalph

                  I know, Smalph. I posted Costco and then I ducked. Thanks.

                4. These are all great ideas. I'm very definitely going to try Upper Cut and report back.

                  I too prefer a place that's all steak with very little sizzle. The Upper Cut description appeals due to the apparent lack of nymph masseuses on the payroll. Whitehouse may have great stuff, but for their prices they darn well better. It's a "for company" only place to me. I sure wish Costco would open up downtown. Maybe next door to Canadian Tire & Mark's Work Wearhouse.