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Jun 26, 2007 10:54 AM

Westwood Sushi Grand Opening - 50% Off

ALCU Sushi opened 12/15/06 in the old Moustache Cafe spot and closed it's doors 4 months later. It's replacement called "Sushi Mura" opened yesterday. Different owners? Don't know, but they posted on the front window for new hirees in all departments. I stopped in yesterday in a dash and they said they're having a 50% off everything special for the first week, and the owner "might" extend it one more week. Whenever that deal expires, then their other Grand Opening offer of 20% off Sushi from the conveyor belt kicks in till 7/07/07 - execpt for Friday.

Unlike many sushi menus, their 4 page hand-out menu doesn't list individual sushi fish for "sushi". Here is a sample of what they have - all prices listed are 50% off:
Lunch Special - 6 pieces, Calif. or Spicy Tuna Roll - $6.25

Lunch Box - Chicken Katsu (i.e., 5 options) 3 pieces tempura, 4 pieces Calif. (or?) Spicy Tuna Roll, Miso soup, salad, & Rice - $4.98 (presentation looks like a bento box).

Half Shell Oyster (5 pieces) - $3.48
Shrimp Cocktail - $3.48

Sashimi Section - 13 options - Albacore (8 pieces) - $6.00

Sushi Section - Nigiri Sushi Combo - 12 pieces $10.00 or 20 pieces $16.00.

Salad Section - 10 options - Albacore Salad - $5.50.

Dynamite - lobster, scallop, shrimp - $5.25

4 Roll Sections - $3.48 to $5.98 - many in the nuevo fancy 8 piece roll type that seam to be the trend westside places are heading, for good or for bad - Shrimp tempura roll - $5.13.

Grill Sections - Chilean Sea Bass (Miso Yaki) - $7.25.

Donburi, Yakodori, ect. - I guess trying to serve a little bit of everything.....

Beer, Wine, Sake, Soju, Soju Cocktails - No prices listed. Also 50% off ?

Is the food any good? I have no idea, but hopefully they obtained a better sushi master.....

Warning - I ran in and out, if the above "deal" looks appealing to you, PLEASE call them first to confirm that I didn't misunderstand the 50% deal or there are some restrictions to it.

Sushi Mura
1071 Glendon Ave., Westwood Village
(310) 208-8640

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  1. thank you so much for sharing this. i'm having dinner with a friend and we couldn't decide where to go. i just called them and the sale is still going on. can't wait.

    1. 50% off the prices you posted?! Either way, I'm going to give this a try. Thanks!

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      1. re: Pei

        The prices I listed are 50% off the listed prices, example - the first one "Lunch Special" is $12.50 on the menu.

        Let me point a potential great deal their offering this week - They don't say what kind of Oysters they're serving; however:

        Water Grill - Downtown = $2.25 per oyster (cheapest).
        Ocean Ave. Seafood - Santa Monica = $2.16 per oyster (cheapest).

        Isshin Sushi - Westwood Village = $2.17 per oyster (cheapest).
        It Zushi - Westwood Village = $1.75 per oyster.

        Sushi Mura - Westwood Village = 70 cents per oyster.

        Also, the Sushi Combo of 20 pieces for $16.00 = $1.60 per normal "2" piece sushi order - offering tuna, salmon, white fish, yellowtail, white tuna, albacore, shrimp, taco (mis-spelling?), unagi. It Zushi, down the street west-wise on Kinross, it would be $3.75 to $4.25. Asuka $4.50 to $5.50. Tengu won't tell you, but higher than Asuka.

      2. But has anyone tried this place?? I would expect at those prices that the food might make you ill or it is poor quality. If someone says its good i'll be there tonight!!!!!!!!!


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        1. re: Ben7643

          Remember, those prices are only good for 1 week, (maybe 2 ?), starting yesterday, ending this Saturday, then they're doubled. A lunch special of 6 pieces of Nigiri and a roll for the regular $12.50 is not cheap for the area, It Zushi has it for $8.00 sans roll. For Tuna is cheap at $8.75 and a roll and isn't worth going back to. Ami had it for $8 to $10 (can't remember) with a roll.

          1. re: JBC

            ugh...for tuna is definitely the worst restaurant i've ever been to in los angeles.

            1. re: greengelato

              I agree it's bad and I'll never go back after trying just 1 order of tuna (their signature dish mind you!) and then asking for the check and leaving, but there is one even much worse right around the corner with the yukiest piece of sushi I've ever been offerred anywhere, anytime.

              California Teriyaki Bowl
              1131 Westwood Blvd.

              I often wondered where does the unsold sushi fish end up at the end of the day. Is it sloted for the bargin 6 piece Lunch Special the next day? And if still unsold after day 2?, day 3? day 4? day 7? It looked as if those had been resold to CTB.