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Jun 26, 2007 10:51 AM

Best Soup's and Stew's in Los Angeles

Hi everyone, I sometimes get a craving like today for a great soup or stew. No specific type just something yummy. What are your favorites in and around LA, Beverly Hills, Holllywood, Studio City????


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  1. I usually like the ones at Whole Foods. And I love the lentil soup from Mrs. Winston's.

    1. I love the fish stew at The Hungry Cat, also the barbacoa de chivo at Guelaguetza.

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      1. re: hrhboo

        I was going to post my suggestions but Boo-berry nailed them exactly.

        Also in Hollywood, I like the cioppino at Fabiolus Cafe, and don't forget to check out the lemongrass-y galangal-y goodness of a good Thai soup.

        1. re: SauceSupreme

          I'm now going to have to try that cioppino since we obviously share the same great taste.

          I'm glad I'm in such good company :)

      2. Ralph's - the Chicken Noodle

        Panera Bread - pretty much all of them rock, but I esp. love the low-fat chicken noodle and the low-fat vegetarian garden vegetable

        The Ivy - corn chowder (does this qualify as soup or stew?)

        I think One Pico tends to have nice soups. I had a nice corn soup/chowder with peppers there once.

        I also love in the fall when a lot of restaurants have a seasonal pumpkin puree soup. Hot or cold, I'll always order it when I see it.

        1. The al bondigas at Mi India Bonita (4731 E. Olympic Blvd., ELA, (323) 267-8505) gets my vote. (That broth!)

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            The curry ramen at Ramenya on Olympic - TDF.

          2. second the fish stew at hungry cat.
            also like the french onion at doughboys although everything else there i find atrocious.
            victors and greenblatts both do a nice chicken soup.
            grub has delicious tomato soup.
            lentil soup at carnival is great.
            the curry carrot soup at king's road--also quite nice.
            further afield, there's daikokuya for ramen. also soon tofu at bevery soon or tofu house.