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Best Soup's and Stew's in Los Angeles

Hi everyone, I sometimes get a craving like today for a great soup or stew. No specific type just something yummy. What are your favorites in and around LA, Beverly Hills, Holllywood, Studio City????


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  1. I usually like the ones at Whole Foods. And I love the lentil soup from Mrs. Winston's.

    1. I love the fish stew at The Hungry Cat, also the barbacoa de chivo at Guelaguetza.

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        I was going to post my suggestions but Boo-berry nailed them exactly.

        Also in Hollywood, I like the cioppino at Fabiolus Cafe, and don't forget to check out the lemongrass-y galangal-y goodness of a good Thai soup.

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          I'm now going to have to try that cioppino since we obviously share the same great taste.

          I'm glad I'm in such good company :)

      2. Ralph's - the Chicken Noodle

        Panera Bread - pretty much all of them rock, but I esp. love the low-fat chicken noodle and the low-fat vegetarian garden vegetable

        The Ivy - corn chowder (does this qualify as soup or stew?)

        I think One Pico tends to have nice soups. I had a nice corn soup/chowder with peppers there once.

        I also love in the fall when a lot of restaurants have a seasonal pumpkin puree soup. Hot or cold, I'll always order it when I see it.

        1. The al bondigas at Mi India Bonita (4731 E. Olympic Blvd., ELA, (323) 267-8505) gets my vote. (That broth!)

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            The curry ramen at Ramenya on Olympic - TDF.

          2. second the fish stew at hungry cat.
            also like the french onion at doughboys although everything else there i find atrocious.
            victors and greenblatts both do a nice chicken soup.
            grub has delicious tomato soup.
            lentil soup at carnival is great.
            the curry carrot soup at king's road--also quite nice.
            further afield, there's daikokuya for ramen. also soon tofu at bevery soon or tofu house.

            1. I really enjoy the soups from Organic to Go. They have a Santa Fe Chicken Chowder that's got lots of chicken, sweet corn and chiles that add just enough kick for you to feel it without having to run for a drink. The only downside is that it's a bit pricy (I think around $4 for 8 oz).

              I also like the Chicken Tortilla Soup from Skew's, but I tend to think that I'm in the minority on that one.

              1. Puree of Vegetable soup at Delmonico's (there's no cream in it amazingly!)
                Mel's Diner Chicken Soup
                Jerry's Deli veggie soup (I know, so shoot me)

                1. i like all the persian soups and stews i've tried at shamshiri grill on westwood blvd.

                  1. Le Petit Cafe, in SM, at Yale and Colorado. Always a great, reliable daily soup. A good reason to go.

                    1. The best tomato soups I've had recently have been at E. Baldi in Beverly Hills (they use bread to thicken it) and at L'Hermitage in Culver City (you have to call in as they change their soups daily). I crave them both!

                      1. Pho at Pho So 1 on Sepulveda and Valley Blvd in Van Nuys. Beefy, herby deliciousness. A whole meal for under $6. How can you beat that?

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                          You said it , Great pho in the valley? you better know it!

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                            There's also the location in Reseda.

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                              Yup that's my regular goto location, even in the summer I am there once a week.

                        2. The sopa de fideo with chicken at Tere's (Melrose & Vine) is just the thing you need when feeling under the weather. It is the perfect chicken noodle soup and comes with a couple of tortillas - I highly recommend it.

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                            Agree completely. I like to get some of their excellent tortilla chips and crumble them into the soup.

                          2. Palms/West LA Area: There's a bagel place in a strip mall that serves homemade kosher soups - they generally offer 6 soups a day you serve yourself and if you get a medium or large it comes with a bagel all under $5. Soups are delicious - I like the mushroom bisque and the minestrone. Not very salty and tons of ingredients not just liquid like at the souplantation. Southeast corner of National Blvd. and Sepulveda (between a Pizza Hut and Hallmark store).

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                              That would be the Bagel Factory. There is another one at Robertson and Cadillac in West LA. Bagels are Pretty decent too

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                                Bagel Factory is also the only place I've found in West LA that has bearclaws with the dark almond filling.

                            2. Bristol Farms soups are great.

                              1. Sopa de Azteca at Monte Alban -- yum!

                                1. Cocido at Barragan's Glendale.
                                  Chicken Soup at La Cabanita in Montrose
                                  Clam Chowder at Catalina Bar and Grill
                                  Vegetable at Astro's on Flectcher
                                  Lentil at Carnival on Woodman
                                  several at Follow Your Heart on Sherman Way
                                  Mushroom at that flower cafe on 6th and la brea (forget name)
                                  three flavors barbeque noodle at Woo's china town and victory/sepulveda


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                                    I'm with you on the Vegetable at Astros. I love that the vegetables pile out of the broth and almost out of the bowl...eat it with cracker and cottage cheese....ummmmmmmm.

                                  2. Anything at Amelias in Santa Monica---go early---usually sell out by the early afternoon!

                                    1. Tortilla Soup - Urth Cafe or Whole Foods
                                      Cheddar Broccoli or Potato - Corner Cafe (they're kinda heavy, but some days that's what you're in the mood for)

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                                        Ah you reminded me of the tortilla soup at Islands!

                                        1. re: Emme

                                          And that reminds me, the sopa azteca at Monte Alban is a great "tortilla soup".

                                          I'll recommend, also, the soups at Doughboys, especially the French onion soup and the steak soup. My favorite soup there is the creamy tomato soup that gets served with the "afterschool special", paired with a grilled cheese sandwich.

                                      2. Minced chicken and corn soup at Triumphal Palace, Alhambra
                                        Mushroom barley or sweet and sour cabbage soups at Brents
                                        Caldo de pollo at Tacos el Michoacan in Highland Park
                                        Roast duck noodle soup with won ton at Barbeque ? on Sherman Way in N. Hollywood
                                        Tom Kah Kai - most Thai places

                                        1. singapore's banana leaf on third and fairfax has a great laksa soup and another soup called lodeh (vegetarian).

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                                            I'll have to try that out as I have been utterly underwhelmed by their mee goreng, and I really want to find a reason to like them.

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                                              You need to go to Singapore or Malaysia - your taste in this type of food is not deceiving you... in fact, you're right on... The $$ you spend on one meal here will probably last you for at least a few days over there...

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                                                It's been such a long time since my last mee goreng, I was satisfied with it last night. Of course, I got it super spicy, so my taste buds may simply have been in shock.

                                                I wanted to like the curry pastries, but alas, was underwhelmed.

                                                I'll be trying the laksa, too. I need to find justification for my recommending them to people.

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                                                  I refuse to have any laksa here in LA, knowing at the back of my head that I can get MUCH better ones in singapore...

                                                  but if you must, the mee soto at Ramayani is kick-ass (imo)...

                                                  1. re: chewingvampire

                                                    I'll have to try to make it out to Singapore next time I'm in Asia, but, barring that, Ramayani sounds like a good substitute.

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                                                      If you're after laksa in LA, three places come to mind. Singapore Express in Marina del Rey is okay... Yazmin on Main Street in Alhambra is pretty good... Belacan Grill on 190th in Redondo Beach/Torrance was the best of the three... just a heads-up though - I haven't had any laksa over the past year or so; thus, I can't vouch for how good they are now...

                                            2. It's been a while but Art's Deli in Studio City made the best beef stew I've ever had.

                                              1. The Parihuela at Lola's in Glendale.

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                                                  DH loves the Tomato Gorgonzola soup from Ralphs! It's surprisingly good! Look for it in the deli area near the snack bar.