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Nov 25, 2005 03:03 PM

It's hot chocolate season - favorites?

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So, anything new and wonderful out there?

Fonda makes a spicy hot chocolate which is better than the desserts as a way to end a meal. Big bowl of mild chocolate and not overassertive chili spice. There's just a wonderful warmth in the mouth and not a burn.

Any other places? Spice not a requirement.

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  1. I like the hot chocolate & mocha at the Blue Bottle Coffee stand on Linden St @ Hayes. They melt estate grown, dark chocolate bars into them. Not too sweet, which is part of the reason I like them.

    BB doesn't offer a lot of sitting space though, so I get it to go and walk over to the new Hayes Valley green space, and watch the dogs and their walkers.

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    1. re: tcdahl

      Have you tried the bar that they sell at the booth? It is a lovely thing.

      I didn't understand the hot choclate at BB until I had that bar. It is identical flavor, but IMO, the heat mutes the flavor. I like eating the bar better than drinking it.

      But if you don't like sweet hot chocolate this is it. It's probably a few less calories too. Looking at the bar, it is not oversugared and 60% cocoa. The calorie count was a little lower than many chocolates.

      1. re: rworange

        I tried the mocha first, last week. I usually just get the cap or a latte, since most mochas are too sweet (I'm looking at you, coffee chains!). It was a cool day and I was running around, so I took the plunge and tried the mocha. I was pleasantly surprised, so a few days later I tried the hot chocolate. Ditto.

        Have yet to try the actual chocolate bar, but will pick it up shortly I'm sure. I just wish that Blue Bottle had more places to sit, so that I could read and hang out (like Ritual's space on Valencia).

    2. I like Coupa in Palo Alto. Spicy Hot Chocolate that is subtly spicy. Nice place.

      1. Sketch--comes with one of their yummy marshmallows.

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        1. re: amyc

          Sketch sells Blue Bottle Coffee. I wonder if they have the same hot chocolate as Blue Bottle.

          1. re: rworange

            I don't know. They chip chocolate off of a block into hot milk while you wait.

        2. Not new, but I've always been fond of the mocha Mexicana at Cafe Que Tal on Guerrero near 22nd. You can get just a Mexican hot chocolate, but the coffee blunts the sweetness just enough. It's nothing fancy--Abuelita, I think--but made perfectly.

          I also had a yummy peppermint hot cocoa at Peet's, which has fresh whipped cream. I don't like their mocha for some reason.

          1. Bittersweet on College in Oakland

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            1. re: anniebananie

              Are they still doing the no-milk-just-water-like-those-eccentri-europeans thing?