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Help! Five skinless chicken breasts to cook today!

I didn't get them into the freezer yesterday so I need to cook them... I wanted to make a nice big chicken curry but I'm out of coconut milk (waah). Suggestions please?!

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  1. This is a great curry - but an anglo-indian curry - recipe is from a friend of mine and I've made it many times:


    1. If they've been in the fridge and covered, you can go another day.

      1. Vietnamese Chicken salad? If you need a recipe I can supply one in detail but my fast version is poach the chicken, cool it, shred it, mix with a bag of coleslaw mix, some shredded garlic and shallot, chopped bird's eye or Thai hot peppers 1-2 and dress the whole thing with Nuoc Cham. I like to top each serving with some chopped peanuts and crispy fried shallots. Perfect food in hot sticky weather.

        1. I would poach and store for all sorts of possibilities, including Candy's Viet salad.

          1. Hey, not fancy but good and quick...apricot chicken with lipton's onions soup mix, 1 packet, mixed with 1/2 large jar apricot whole real fruit preserves and small bottle of Russian dressing (or Catalina, any sweet spicy French dressing) - pour over chicken breasts and cook at 350 until chicken is done and serve over basmati rice. This is about the only recipe I still make with packaged ingredients cuz it tastes so good. Can be done with skinned bone-in chicken of any variety.

            Or like Sam, I would poach the chicken for tomorrow's salad and order out.

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              You can poach and freeze for soup, enchiladas, etc. later

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                Does the texture suffer from freezing? I've never frozen chicken unless it's in a sauced dish of some kind...

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                  T chef & a cat, I lightly salt the breasts and store in the colder section of the ref. They then last the week until you use them.

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                    No it doesn't if you freeze so it doesn't get freezer burn. I wouldn't just thaw and serve. I would thaw and put in a soup or casserole.

              2. I just had this problem last week. I ended up poaching them and roughly shredding. Then I tossed the shredded chicken in a saucepan and added bottled BBQ sauce and as it heated the chicken shredded completely. Now comes the decadent part. I buttered the buns and grilled them in a frypan until just brown. I know I shouldn't be looking for reasons to add butter to my diet but it really did make a difference doing it this way. Then I served all of this with an asian inspired coleslaw with shredded red cabbabge, scallions, peanuts, red pepper, and a sesame oil vinegarette. Yumm!

                1. The lemony cilantro chicken from Madhur Jaffrey works great with skinless boneless breasts. I have a xerox of it here at work but unfortunately no electronic copy.

                  1. Don't know if they're boneless (?) but if they are, you could pound them nice and thin, dredge them with flour and salt and pepper and cook them very quickly and serve warm over a watercress or mixed leaf salad with tomatoes and a nice lemon/olive oil sauce.