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Jun 26, 2007 10:18 AM

Help! Five skinless chicken breasts to cook today!

I didn't get them into the freezer yesterday so I need to cook them... I wanted to make a nice big chicken curry but I'm out of coconut milk (waah). Suggestions please?!

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  1. This is a great curry - but an anglo-indian curry - recipe is from a friend of mine and I've made it many times:

    1. If they've been in the fridge and covered, you can go another day.

      1. Vietnamese Chicken salad? If you need a recipe I can supply one in detail but my fast version is poach the chicken, cool it, shred it, mix with a bag of coleslaw mix, some shredded garlic and shallot, chopped bird's eye or Thai hot peppers 1-2 and dress the whole thing with Nuoc Cham. I like to top each serving with some chopped peanuts and crispy fried shallots. Perfect food in hot sticky weather.

        1. I would poach and store for all sorts of possibilities, including Candy's Viet salad.

          1. Hey, not fancy but good and quick...apricot chicken with lipton's onions soup mix, 1 packet, mixed with 1/2 large jar apricot whole real fruit preserves and small bottle of Russian dressing (or Catalina, any sweet spicy French dressing) - pour over chicken breasts and cook at 350 until chicken is done and serve over basmati rice. This is about the only recipe I still make with packaged ingredients cuz it tastes so good. Can be done with skinned bone-in chicken of any variety.

            Or like Sam, I would poach the chicken for tomorrow's salad and order out.

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              You can poach and freeze for soup, enchiladas, etc. later

              1. re: Texchef

                Does the texture suffer from freezing? I've never frozen chicken unless it's in a sauced dish of some kind...

                1. re: archangelcat

                  T chef & a cat, I lightly salt the breasts and store in the colder section of the ref. They then last the week until you use them.

                  1. re: archangelcat

                    No it doesn't if you freeze so it doesn't get freezer burn. I wouldn't just thaw and serve. I would thaw and put in a soup or casserole.