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Jun 26, 2007 10:17 AM

Food in Prince Edward County

I'm thinking about heading out to Prince Edward County for the long weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions about eating? I'm open to anything, as long as it's grreat food. How about farmer's markets? Does anyone know if you can do a wine tour of the wineries in the area? Thanks!

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  1. This will answer a lot of your questions.

    I think just about everyone has their favourites there. Mine was Carriage House in Bloomfield. Spectacular food and service in an intimate & romantic room. Patio out front as well.

    2nd suggestion: Make reservations now!

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      Angeline's, also in Bloomfield, is one of my favourites.

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        Willi, the owner/chef of Angelines, was killed in a car accident a few weeks ago. I don't know the status of the restaurant at this point.

    2. Angelines is open now. His kids have reopened the restaurant. Haven't heard any reviews yet though.

      1. We loved the food at the Claramount Inn. The same people own the Waring House too, so presumably the food is as good there.

        By some Black River cheddar to bring home; either from the factory or get it at the IGA in Picton. Superb cheese!

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          Thanks everyone for their suggestions! And, the website recommended by Googs was excellent! I've made a reservation at the Bloomfield Carriage House and I'll report back next week!

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            Oh noooo. Waring House is awful. The next time I go to The County for farm fresh food I won't be going to the place that was so obviously defrosting theirs. Add on poor, unprofessional servers and depressing Muzak piped in at a volume that can't be ignored and you have a truly terrible experience.

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              The Warring house isn't on the top of my list. (I'm somewhat local)

              What are you looking for? Portabella on main street picton is good if it isn't too busy. For breakfast you can't beat the Harbour Inn. I like Lake on the Mountain for dinner, usually not as busy as the places in town. Harvest is good but Toronto prices. Currah's on main street in picton is very popular for lunch. Service is often hit or miss at alot of places in the county since pretty much everyone is seasonal staff.

              You can do a winery tour, look under "limo service" in the local yellow pages and call around, there is one that does a 3 hour tour of whichever wineries you want to go to (limo = no driving for you and therefore, more wine!). The other option would be to rent a car (probably from trenton or belleville) and do the taste trail yourself, stop in picton at the tourism office and get a map from them.

              Not so much with the big farmer's markets, more stands by the side of the road. One of the more popular is Laundry Farms on Schoharie Rd just a few minutes out side of Picton.

              Anyone with more questions, just let me know :)

          2. Thanks everyone for their suggestions! My husband and I spent Saturday in PEC and we went to the Bloomfield Carriage House for dinner. Before I get to this review, we went to Buddha Dog for lunch, which is touted as the best hot dog in the region? Ontario? Canada? Anyhow, the concept of small gourmet hotdogs was intriguing so we decided to give it a try. The hot dogs are 4 inches long - small enough so you can try several flavours. I had the sweet onion sauce/pepperjack cheese and garlic aioli/old cheddar. My husband had these two, along with a chili/old cheddar dog as well. We both thought they were pretty good but not spectacular. We wondered what the criteria was for determining that these were the "best hot dogs"? Nonetheless, we were happy to be supporting the local establishment. After lunch, I wandered next door to the Bean Counter Cafe for a scoop of coconut and a scoop of lemon gelato - excellent! It was a pina colada in a bowl (minus the alcohol)!

            For dinner, we had an amazing meal at the Bloomfield Carriage House. The amuse bouche was a cassoulet with pan fried elk - delicious. I had the charcuterie plate to start and my husband had the goat cheese ravioli. Both were excellent. I had the vegatarian plate as a main and it was one of the best vegetarian mains I've ever had. I find that it's very difficult to do phenomenal things with veggies and many places fall short of doing truly creative things with vegetables. On my vegetable plate, I had a puy lentil/chickpea salad, alongside a quinoa salad with roasted carrots, mushrooms and kale. There was also a terrine of goat cheese, atop grilled eggplant and red peppers. Wow! My husband had a trio of lamb - also delicious. I was too preoccupied with my main to fully investigate his, but he assured me that it was excellent. All of this, plus two glasses of wine came to $100 (before tip). We were very happy with the selection and would highly recommend to anyone in the area!