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Jun 26, 2007 10:09 AM

Light meal near mass pike?? Need help!

Light meal just off Masspike?
Looking for a restaurant offering good light meals Sunday afternoon to early evening within 5 minutes of any Masspike exit from Framingham to Sturbridge.


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  1. These are a few places along the way from Framingham to Sturbridge Ma. Hope this helps . Earle Found a few more places for you closer to Framingham Hope this helps. There are a few in Mass. after you get off the Mass Pike. and on to RT 84 headed into Conn. Hope this gives you a few options. Good luck, Earle

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      Thanks very much. This is a start. Hope someone else can recommend a specific place.


    2. The Steaming Tender in Palmer is a fun, low-key place to visit. The food is decent, and service is pretty quick.

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        Thanks to Bear and Eatin in Woostah!


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          You're very welcome! Let us know where you land.

      2. Post Office Pub in Grafton is just off of exit 11 (Millbury). The food is very decent pub-style with excellent desserts. Take a right at the end of the exit on to Grafton Street, bear left at the fork, take a left at the light, and it's on the right.

        If you find yourself in that area earlier on Sunday you might try Mrs. Mack's - very sweet little spot mostly known for its pies, but with nice homemade sandwiches and breakfasts. They close at noon on Sunday, though. It's a left off of exit 11, and is on the right.

        At exit 10A in Millbury there is a big shopping center, Blackstone Valley Shops, with chain options (nothing chowish). Red Robin (burgers), Longhorn, Applebees, Uno's, Qodoba, TGIFriday's.

        We went to a really cute pub across from Old Sturbridge Village, but I just can't remember the name right now. It was pretty decent, and the atmosphere was nice.

        Right off of the Framingham exit (I think it's 12) there is a very decent Mexican restaurant, Acapulco's (local chain.) Take a left off of the exit towards Southborough, then you'll need to take the first available u-turn. The great news is you'll be set up to get right back on to the Pike as you leave the parking lot. On that U-turn you'll also see Owen O'Leary's, which is not bad pub food either. You'll also see Tin Alley Grille. I do not recommend it.

        Hope that helps!

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          The cute pub might be the Oxhead Tavern. It's an easy off the pike at the Sturbridge exit. We ate there coming back from PA a few weeks ago. Food was nothing special ( I had a very mediocre chicken pot pie- husband had a sandwich that I don't remember). However, the old pub atmosphere is nice and it looks like they might have a deck overlooking a pond for warm weather lunches.

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            Yes, that is it! Food was just average, but atmosphere was really cozy, and there was a deck. There was a brunch buffet just wrapping up when we were there, so didn't try it.

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            Another place for Mexican that is significantly better then Acapulco's (and is not a chain) is Cancun's - run by mexicans right on Lake Ripple in North Grafton..
            Take Exit 11 (Rt 122), take a right at the light off the ramp, go ~1/2-3/4 mi to Rt 140-South, take a Rt on 140, (if you went left at the glass place, that would take you to 140-North and very shortly to Post Office Pub mentioned above), Take 140-South for a mile or two, and Cancuns will be on your right on the shore of Lake Ripple.

            Excellent Margaritas. If you get their supreme (I can't recall their descriptor name) Margaritas, which cost $1 extra - ~8.95, you can choose from quite a few tequilas and contreau, grand marnier, etc, and they'll make em extra good and extra strong.. well worth the extra $1 :).

          3. Cedar Street in Sturbridge is very good.

            1. Right off the Pike in Auburn, Picadilly Pub....excellant fish, easy off and on, MA
              Route 12
              602 Southbridge Street
              Open late and friendly atmosphere....local chain

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                I'd agree on the fish -- They have great Fish and Chips -- almost U.K. style Fish and Chips -- one giant piece of fish, just laid atop your fries. Yum!

                Oh, and they've got pretty good Clam Chowder there too.
                And their burgers and fries are great too.. They'll cook your burger the way you want -- Mooing if you want.

                I wasn't too thrilled with their alfredo when I had a bite of a friends.. but then again, they don't bill themselves as an Italian joint.