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Jun 26, 2007 10:08 AM

Summer Restaurant Week

What restaurants do you think are going to be the most worthwhile to take advantage of during restaurant week?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Has a list been put out yet on which restaurants are actually participating?

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      1. re: Elyssa

        Haven't seen one yet...but anxiously awaiting! I am assuming one should be coming out in the next two weeks or so..

        1. re: xtina

          Have not seen anything yet. I like the challenge of guessing which ones will be on the list and seeing how many are correct. Hence the question above.

          1. re: xtina

            Anxiously awaiting as well.

            Just so you know I had a OUTSTANDING Restaurant Week experience this past winter at both 1789 (fairly large selection) and Cafe 15 (fairly limited selection but still top quality.)

            And from what my bf said he really enjoyed his Restaurant Week lunch at Fahrenheit.

            1. re: Elyssa

              I would definitely recommend is stunningly tasty. I don't like to repeat RW trips if I can help it, but I think I will be making a return trip to Corduroy. I also like the Passion Food restuarants (DC Coast, TenPenh, Ceiba, etc) because they tend to offer their whole menu and I have found them to be consistently good on service and food, especially during RW craziness.

              1. re: xtina

                Yes I've been to TenPenh twice during Restaurant Week and twice during regular service and have found that all meals have always been high quality and consistantly good. Xtina is correct---TenPenh offers a great RW menu with few up-charges if I remember correctly.

          1. re: nissenpa

            Never mind--I just checked the link. Duh!!

            1. Which one DC or Baltimore? The Baltimore one is out and there is a recent discussion about it.

              1. I will pretend like I don't know you, and tell you where I think will be best since I will probably be eating these meals with you. I agree TenPenh is good, but already been there so often... Palena mmmm will go back, I will second 1789, and Corduroy which I used to work right by and never went. OOOOhhh and Vidalia... I wish Marcel's would, but I don't think they participate. Maybe they will put Brasserie Beck on haven't been there yet. Trattoria Bebo? I haven't heard much about it recently. And Eve I love Eve... Ok now I am salivating... good thing we are eating at Central tonight you have me all worked up over good food. Also Oceanaire, Blacksalt, Le Paradou, CityZen. So so many places I want to eat right now.