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Jun 26, 2007 09:55 AM

brunch event options

Fellow food lovers and hosts who aren't rich:
I am trying to host a casual brunch on a Saturday in Manhattan or Brooklyn in early September. I want to keep it towards the less expensive end of possibilities, and I don't want to tell our guests (who will have been at our wedding the night before) that they have to show up at a certain time, that they must RSVP a month in advance, etc... this is a friendly offer for those guests who want to join us for eggs, champagne and pastries the next day, to please keep chatting and partying.

That means that anywhere from 60 to 100 people could show up, and we wouldn't really know until the day of.

Advice on places that have a room they'd let us book for three hours, and who could serve either a delicious fixed menu or have a lovely buffet out for guests who want to mingle and nibble, and not necessarily be confined to a table for the duration of the meal?

Especially would love to hear about places with out door options.

Also, we are interested in places that we could rent and bring in a caterer.

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  1. Hi Kate - congrats on your wedding coming up!

    I totally understand wanting to keep the weekend going and invite your guests to brunch the next morning. It's hard to re-create the idea of inviting everyone over to your parents' house, though, which I would haved loved to do.

    I would suggest talking to a hotel that you have guests staying at. Maybe they have a banquet room or hospitality suite you could use and not get rushed out of. A caterer might be tough, since they like to have head counts, but you could potentially find one that would take an order of, say 3 trays of scrambled eggs, 100 croissants, 60 bagels, etc.

    Renting a loft / party space can be expensive ($4000+ for the day), but if you find an affordable place, you might consider sticking just to pastries and bagels that guests can put together themselves. Then you wouldn't need a caterer - just a good bakery or 2 to fill your order. Through the location you could hire a very small staff to pour drinks and clean up.