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Jun 26, 2007 09:43 AM

Osianna - Fairfield, CT

Osianna is located where Voila used to be, next door to the Fairfield Police Department on Reef Road. Mediterranean. They don't have a website and are unable to fax their large-sized menus.

I must tell you though Osianna was fabulous for lunch on Saturday! The unpretentious and very friendly nature of their staff aids in the wonderful experience of dining here. Loved it as expected. We had a great table outside and there was tons of traffic to watch because of the fair nearby on the green--we almost witnessed about six car accidents and several road-rage incidents while sitting in their outdoor corner patio! I had mussels with caper berries (my favorite--I LOVE LOVE LOVE the large caper berries and you don't get them a lot!) and their lunchtime fish entree (Branzino--a type of bass filet I believe)--very good. My mom had their onion soup special and my sister I think got their calamari. My sister was wishing she ordered the eggplant chip and tatziki app because that looked incredible, as did their fresh tuna nicois salad. My sister had their beet and goat cheese salad. My mom had their croque monsieur sandwich that looked incredible. We did not have dessert, although they all were interestingly different than the norm. They also said they while they DO accept lunchtime reservations, they do not at dinnertime but if you go at dinner and there is a wait, they will take your cellphone number and call you when the table is ready. Their dinner menu looks even better. A friend of mine dined there on a Tuesday night and had diver scallops with asparagas and white beans she said was "Outrageous." And she also said their martinis were excellent - had a concoction with citron, chambord, and apple pucker. Enjoy!

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  1. I have driven past that place many times. Can't wait to try it. Thanks for the review!

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    1. Visited: 7/17/08

      It's hard for me to give a restaurant an ""A"" grade from only 1 visit, but just about everything we had this night was amazing. It all started with a unique by-the-glass wine list that included 4 different wines from Greece: 3 whites and 1 red. I don't recall ever seeing a bottle of Greek wine on a list before, never mind something by the glass. This instantly told me the restaurant was embracing it's Mediterranean roots to the fullest extent.

      Needless to say, I had to order 2 whites by the glass to give them a try, so we ordered a greek chardonnay (by Chateau Julia) and a agioritiko (by Tsantali). That 2nd selection was something I've never had or heard of and it turned out nice; its always good to have a place with interesting selections to sample by the glass.

      I truly wanted to order a bottle of the Greek red wine for dinner, but the reds appeared a bit too big for the fish dish I had selected, so I settled for a lower-bodied Pinot Noir (priced about 2x retail). It came a bit too warm for immediate drinking, but the waitress was quick to brandish an ice bucket to cool it down for 5 minutes."

      Onto the food.

      The menu boasted a great selection of ""small plates"" as tapas/appetizers and we could not settle on just two, so we ordered 3 and split them. I picked a soft shell crab special along with a greek meatball with tzatziki sauce special while Liz chose the thin eggplant and zucchini chips, also served with tzatziki. Each of these was perfectly prepared. The crab was flavorful inside and out with a bright, fresh caper and citrus ""sauce"" over the top that was really lively. By ""greek"" meatballs, I'm assuming they were either goat or lamb or some combination thereof; in any event, they had remarkable rich flavor and texture and were equally great with and without the accompanying tzatziki - - which by the way was clearly housemade and super fresh and flavorful. Finally, the veggie chips were perfectly coated and barely flash fried since they were so thin; their coating was more like a tempura than a breading.

      For the main courses, Liz ordered their veal ossobuco (shredded off the bone) over a fresh linguini pasta while I ordered the "Fagri” Greek Pink Snapper that was served atop pea shoots, roasted shallots & a pepper mélange. I'm not sure either dish could have been prepared any better. The ossobuco was exceptionally tender and the sauce was very well (slowly) cooked to meld all the flavors; the pasta itself was served a bit before al dente', which is exactly how I like it - - with a firm bite that holds up and does not fall to pieces once it is plated up. This dish is served both as a "small plate" and a main course, so it will be hard resisting it when we return. As for my fish, it was exceptionally fresh and cooked to perfection with a great seasoned crust around it. Too often fish can be overprepared and can get lost in the dish, but the fresh fish flavor of this snapper stood out well.

      We were very full after this meal, but they had a coconut tiramisu-like dessert (that they called ""cocomisu"") which I could not pass up - - and I'm glad I didn't. This came with 3 lady fingers laid upright in a martini-glass-shaped dish with the rich, creamy coconut base filled in the center. Yet another great, creative, fresh dish to end our meal.

      I'm sure to be back as soon as possible to validate this ""A"" rating - - - and to see if other selections on the menu stand up as well as the ones we sampled tonight.