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Jun 26, 2007 09:30 AM

Culinary School (Arcadia, Pasadena, SGV)

Does anybody know of any Culinary Schools around Arcadia, Pasadena, or the San Gabriel Valley? I'm not looking to make a career, so the Culinary Arts school in Pasadena isn't for me. I just want to be able to learn to cook everyday meals at home, and for the family.

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  1. A co-worker took some classes given by Happy Trails Catering in Pasadena. As I recall the classes were 3 hours, cost around $75.00, and you prepare all the courses for one meal. She was very happy with the experience.

    1. Not necessarily culinary schools per se, but Wildflour Bakery in Sierra Madre holds bimonthly cooking classes and Bistro Farms also has cooking classes.

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        I've taken cooking classes at Wildflour Bakery in Sierra Madre. Jackie Collins, one of the owners and the cooking instructor, also teaches at the California Culinary Institute in Pasadena. She is wonderful.

        The class is hands-on and they provide all the ingredients. You take home what you make. They limit the class size to 10 people.

        Call to find out their upcoming class schedule or go in person and sign up to be on their mailing list.

        Wildflour Baking Company
        328 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.
        Sierra Madre, CA 91024
        (626) 355-9000

      2. There are themed cooking classes at Williams-Sonoma from time to time. There's a location in Pasadena on S. Lake.

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          When I inquired about various programs The California School of Culinary Arts told me they have inexpensive one day classes. They did not push me in any way and were very nice. For information on classes call (866) 230-9450