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Jun 26, 2007 09:01 AM


Heading there for dinner with a large group. Need to know what to order. Ive searched old postings and all are out of date. Any favorites? Thanks!

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  1. Can't recall any special dishes there, just that they do the standard dishes very well. My favorites are the seafood soup and the steamed bean curd.

    1. As mentioned, everything is executed well. The spicy clam soup is not to be missed, the squid with preserved mustard greens and black bean sauce is something we always order.

      1. We always go there for banquets with my grandparents. They do a decent peking duck.

        1. Sea Bass with tofu in casserole. Shrimp with garlic sauce. Whole fish deep fried with the sauce of your choice.

          1. Anybody know if they do soft shell crabs?