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Jun 26, 2007 09:01 AM

New Restaurant

Does anyone know the name of the restaurant that replaced Cafe Sante Fe and the cuisine?
It is reportedly good. Anyone been there?

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  1. The place is La Vita del Forno; it is essentially a carbon copy of the (also-good) La Vita, on Esplanade across from Lola's. Pretty straight-forward "Italian": salads, pizza, pasta, panini, calzones, etc., but feels slightly fancier than one would just expect from a pizza place. What differentiates the two, apparently, is the wood-burning oven in the new location (thus the "del Forno").

    I'm right in the neighborhood so a couple friends and I went in for lunch on opening day, and would safely say that, like the one on Esplanade, it seems a better pick for a lunch date than for dinner. A good wine selection too.

    For an appetizer we shared the flatbread (yum) and the olive plate (which comes out bathing in oil & vinegar). I went ahead ordered a pizza, which come in one size, roughly 12": perfect to split for two on a light lunch but I was hungry and have no qualms with leftovers. Mine was the Saint something or other--Dominic maybe?--with TASTY, salty proscuitto; fresh tomato; and a light garlic butter sauce, well-proportioned on a crisp crust. The oven definitely makes a difference.

    Overall, yeah, try it.

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      This is very exciting. I cannot wait to go. A review will follow.

      1. re: brchow

        One can only hope it is better than the post-K incarnation of Santa Fe, which managed in a few months to utterly destroy the good will built up by the previous owners for years. Caveat Emptor!

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        Where is this new place located?? thanks

        1. re: arizonagirl

          In the Marigny. Corner of Frenchmen and Dauphine