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Jun 26, 2007 09:00 AM

Thai in or near Rochester Hills, MI?

Hi again!

I was thrilled with the recommendations I got for Indian food in the area, so I'm hoping for some Thai recs. I know of a good one in Birmingham, but I'm trying to establish a list of a few nearby places that we'll be able to hit for quick lunches and dinners once fall comes. Thanks!

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  1. Bagkok Thai in the old Big Boys on Main Street right next to the Dairy Queen. On west side of road just before Parkdale lite.

    My 100 year old father in law likes the place so much that we celebrated his 100th b'day there.

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    1. re: Wakeley Bridge

      Wakeley the place you mention is called Bangkok Cuisine they have a few locations around Detroit. Although Bangkok Cuisine is decent I think there are better Thai places in Rochester.

      The Thai Inn which is I believe north of Avon on Rochester Rd. it sits back in the corner of a strip mall just south of McDonalds on the west side. It is not a fancy place but they put out some very good Thai Dishes.

      For a bit more fancy Sala Thai which is on Auburn Rd just west of Rochester Rd. this is the same owners as the Sala Thai that is found in Eastern Market the food is good a fresh.

      Farther down Rochester Rd in Troy at Big Beaver is Orchid Cafe which is very good.

      My favorite Thai Restaurant is by Lakeside Mall on Schoenerr at Canal, it is located in a strip mall which was anchored by Farmer Jack but will be a Kroger soon. It is called Bangkok Pavilion and they have the most Authentic Thai Food I have had since returning from Thailand.


      1. re: firestalker

        Wow, thank you. This is an incredible list. I have yet to viit Eastern Market but everyone says I must do so. Thank you!

    2. Bangkok Cuisine has got to be the most popular one. We come almost once a week and on some days, getting a table without waiting could be difficult. Kinda disappointed that they dont have fresh juices and bubble tea like Rexy's in Royal Oak. Orchid Cafe is good too, and they have some good lunch specials. Sala Thai is ok.

      1. If you're willing to come south a bit, try Pi's Thai Cuisine on Dequindre at 16 Mile, I believe. Great stuff, period. I still prefer the Hazel Park location, but it wouldn't be worth the extra drive for you, and there's much more seating at the Sterling Heights location.

        Worth the drive, to me anyway.

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        1. re: boagman

          I'll second the Pi's recommendation but I think the Hazel Park location is much better then Dequinder. Actually I was not impressed with the new location maybe they had a bad day and I will need to try back. Boagman have you tried either the Thai Inn or Bangkok Pavilion mentioned in my post above I think you would enjoy both.


          1. re: firestalker

            Gary, no I haven't. I don't get up to Rochester very often, though I might try the Bangkok Pavillion, since I'm up there every so often, and it'd be a nice break from chains.

            As for Pi's, I agree that the Hazel Park location is better, but when you're talking about gas being $3 a gallon, that extra drive suddenly doesn't appear as necessary, at least to me.

            Any recommendations for Bangkok Pavillion?

            1. re: boagman

              They make a very good Tom Yum Soup

              The Satay is good the crispy shrimp rolls are very good

              They make a very solid Pad Thai
              Pad Khing is well done.
              For a heavier fried dish Bangkok Chicken is good sort of a lighter sweet and sour.

              The owners are Thai and the place is beyond clean.


              Hope you enjoy,


        2. I have a good 'litmus test' whenever I go to Thai restaurants and here are my strongest recommendations;

          Bangkok SilverBowl, on 14 Mile in Clawson
          Siam Spicy on Woodward

          Now, more importantly, these are to be avoided because they are unreasonably priced and low on taste quality;
          Ahan in Royal Oak
          Thai Cafe, in Royal Oak and Grosse Pointe

          1. Thai Inn on Rochester Road is fair-poor. I wouldnt recommend this place at all.
            Bangkok Cuisine by the Dairy Queen is average.
            Orchid Cafe on South Blvd is good but the portions are very small, beautiful fish aquarium though. Excellent for a romantic lunch.
            Sala Thai on Auburn Rd is fair-poor and very hot. Knock your socks off. The chicken is dry as if from a can.
            Pad Thai/Sushi on Rochester and Auburn is the best in the area, especially if you like Thai and Japanese. The spiciness is a bit mild, though, just order one hotter than you usually do. Try their Curry Noodles.
            Pi's on 16 mile is similiar to Orchid.
            Sy Thai in Birmingham is average, on the hot side. Try their fresh roll.
            New Bangkok Cafe in Birmingham has nice decor, good presentation, but slightly milder than others.
            Bangkok Express on 15 and Deq is horrible. The bring you dirty water so you buy bottled water for $1.25.
            The one I've been enjoying lately is on 14 and Ryan called Sala Thai II. Try their Gang Kew Warn or Pra Ram Long Song.
            Siam Spicy on Woodward is very good, but sometimes mild comes out medium or they bring you the dish cold. Try Pad Pak, Pra Ram Long Song, Gang Gai, Pad Prik
            Rexy's- Bubble Tea, huge aquarium, and decent Thai Food.

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            1. re: JustinNJN

              Well, yesterday SO and I went walking around downtown in hopes of finding lunch. Everywhere was closed until at least 2 or 3 and it was 11 and we were hungry. So we went to Bangkok Cuisine against my better judgment...I have to say I was not very impressed. I ordered pad thai, which seemed safe enough, but it just wasn't very good. Plus, there was a lemon instead of a lime on the side which was just off...OTOH, the food was very spicy, which I appreciated. Nevertheless, I won't be back there unless I'm desperate. Maybe it was an off day, who knows. Next time we'll plan sunday walks better in terms of lunch.

              1. re: IndyGirl

                IndyGirl not sure if you like hotdogs but if you are walking downtown on the north side of Paint Creek is a hot dog place Lapumas or something like that. It is a lunchtime fav for many years. They serve them every style you could imagine. Chicago, New York, Coney etc. It usually has a line out the door everyday around lunch.

                Good food cheap.

                1. re: firestalker

                  :) thanks for the recommendation. We did see that place, but I don't eat meat! Thanks though!

                2. re: IndyGirl

                  Bangkok Cuisine on Main is our closest, but it seems pretty americanized, ie. tamed down compared to the places in the SF Bay Area I'd been going to for years. Not nasty by any means, just kind of bland except for the extreme heat, LOL. Their Rexy's branch sounds more extensive and looks nice inside from the photos online. I'll have to try them when we're in Royal Oak- My daughter loves bubble tea and it's not too easy to come by around here.


                3. re: JustinNJN

                  I second Pud Thai and Sushi, 4 out of 5 for MI. Everything is very fresh and nicely presented, even in carry out. It's a small place but their menu is extensive, ie. duck and fish is present, not just chicken, beef and shrimp. I was very pleased with both their thai and japanese menu both times I ordered. It's worth the extra drive past Bangkok and Thai Inn for me. I wasn't impressed with Thai Inn and nervous because their weren't any customers. It was just "OK" to fair, maybe 2 out of 5.

                  I think Sy Thai isn't bad at all- We've gone there a lot when in Birmingham. They have a decent dining room for eating in, though busy. I'd give them a 3 out of 5.

                  I can't wait to try Pi's when I'm visiting people in Ferndale... I've read lots of good things about them, probably from boagman, LOL.