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Jun 26, 2007 08:58 AM

Sat. after 9pm - circa Lincoln Center - need recco!

Long story short, I have been prepping for a natural bodybuilding show for 20 weeks and after the show, I am looking for a place to head to with a bunch of friends and family. I was thinking of heading up towards Columbus Ave between 65-75th Streets and was looking for any sort of reccomendations.

I have been craving different foods on different days of the week and needless to say I have not had any of them in 20 weeks! I am really looking forward to it and will take any suggestions people have to offer....I am mostly looking for:

American (diner, burgers, fries, etc)
or anything else anyone might think is good!!!


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  1. they just opened up a PJ Clarke's right across the street from Lincoln Center - i'm sure they are open late. great burgers and fries.

    1. I know Mexican isn't on your list, but Rosa Mexicano is also right across the street (62nd & Columbus). Great pomegranate margaritas and guacamole.

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      1. re: LNG212

        I'll second Rosa Mexicano. They have great regular margaritas too. And the guac is probably the best you'll find. I'm not a fan of PJC, so won't recommend that.

        1. re: egit

          thanks everyone....keep em comming!

        2. re: LNG212

          i would go to Rosa Mexicano for the guac and margaritas, but not much else - i guess everyone's got their thing :)

        3. Kefi for delicious greek, 72nd between broadway and amsterdam. Get the sheeps milk appetizer thing, yum.

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          1. re: jsgjewels

            Kefi is 79th, I don't think they take reservations so it'd be tough with a large crowd.

            I'll second telepan.

            1. Earthen Oven on 72 and Col for great indian
              Patsy's for reliable pizza on 74th bet col and cpw
              if you want sushi, Tenzan on 73rd and columbus
              Big Nicks diner is on 71st and col

              Will second Kefi and PJ Clarke recos!

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              1. re: 1uc7

                Thanks again. Just for variety's sake, i think all signs point to Big Nick's but i am still not sure where we will end up!

                1. re: Lando33

                  The Big Nick's on 71st is really small and sometimes one has to wait. The other Big Nick's (77th or so on Bway) is larger and also has outside seating.