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Jun 26, 2007 08:50 AM

Seeking a restaurant in London on its last smoking night with baby

Am going to be in London on Sat night with my baby and can't believe the problem I am having finding a restaurant for us to go to since several restaurants are saying it will be filled with smoke since its the last night before the smoking ban goes in effect.
We are staying near Hyde Park and want to go to a nice place, not a chain geared for kids.
Something we can't get in NYC.
Any recommendations?
Thank you

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'm not sure how smoky it may be, but the Grenadier not far from Harrod's is a fine example of a British pub, and the food is typical, too. You can read about it on the web and see if it appeals. There's not much like it in NYC. If you are eating early because of the baby, it might not be crowded at all.

      1. I just got back from London and without knowing what you want to spend, would make the following recommendations:

        - The River Cafe (you can email for reservations) - I did not find it smokey at all - none
        - Orrery
        - Zafferano
        - Rasoi Vineet Bhatia
        - Harrods - any of the restaurants inside - no smoking allowed and tons to choose from!
        - Fifteen

        Most of the restaurants in London handle reservations by email and you can put a note in your email to request non-smoking and you have a small child.

        1. Canteen in Spitalfields would work. Traditional British foods (roasts, pies, back bacon sandwiches, puddings...) made with high quality ingredients. Casual enough for kids, and non-smoking.

          You will not get into St. John at this late date, but you can still book at St. John Bread & Wine. Good food that you will not find in NYC, kids welcome. I don't recall any smoking there, but you should check. Also in Spitalfields. Can be booked on

          Inn the Park (overlooking the duck pond in St. James Park) is another good non-smoking option with British food. Ingredients are excellent, though the cooking is a bit uneven in my experience. If the baby is old enough, the ducks and geese may provide entertainment, and the walk in the park is lovely.

          If 1)you can get a reservation, and 2)you can get out to Wandsworth, Chez Bruce is super. Outstanding food at a more than fair price. I would only bring a baby there if s/he tends to be VERY quiet when dining out. This is a special occasion restaurant for many, and it would be a shame to disturb other diners.

          Here's a list of non-smoking restaurants in London, including many that I did not list:

          Good luck!

          1. We ended up at The Oak in Notting Hill, Mango Tree and a little Italian place in Shephards Square.
            All wonderful with a baby - mango tree wasn't great on the food front though.