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Jun 26, 2007 08:39 AM

Camping with a Brisket

I have a very nice brisket I wanted to take with us on a camping trip. Since I know that BBQing low and slow is the way to cook it I thought that I would pre-cook it at home and then somehow "finish" it when we camped - presumably over our Smokey Joe at camp. I don't want to cook it all the way through because I was hoping to serve it warm for dinner.

Any advice on how cook it at home and then finish it over the camp BBQ (without destroying it, of course)?

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    1. Wrap it in several layers of foil and nestle it in the coals of a camp fire. Add whatever seasoning or sauce before you wrap it up. The layers of foil keep the prized meat from burning and the camp fire technique allows you to carry one less thing on your trip. Besides, it's more fun cooking over a fire than a portable grill. You are camping after all ;-)

      Here's a somewhat similar thead with some advice:

      1. Partial cooking food and then moving it is EXTREMLY dangerous, especially when coupled with the vagaries of ice chests and the other less than ideal aspects of camping.

        You would be MUCH safer to cook it completely then deeply chill it and simply reheat it tightly sealed foil.

        If this does not sound like it will be enough fun for the camping trip than don't take it with -- it is far less fun to have gastic distress and be stuck in a campsite latrine (or worse).

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          Agree with you, renov8r. Need to cook/Q the brisket fully, cool it, wrap in several layers of foil. Then at camp go with the other suggestion of a light layer of coals below the brisket, and a similar layer above, keeping it in the foil. A medium heat like an oven. It will go from fridge temp to ready (160 would be right for the reheat) in maybe 30 min. In the meantime, for the show and for a real TX-style experience, grill or (better) smoke some sausages on the live fire. TX BBQ is often both brisket and sausages served together.

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            sounds like very good advice (and suggestion) , Woodburner .