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Jun 26, 2007 07:23 AM

Best nachos and margaritas in the city? Arriba Arriba?

In search of the best place for nachos and Margaritas in the city. All I can think of is Arriba Arriba or Tortilla Flats. Will travel anywhere Midtown and below.

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  1. I have a HUGE nacho weakness.... for weeks at a time I will always order them if they're on a menu. While I'm generally satisfied with bar quality nachos, I certainly haven't found anything worth recommending here.

    I would love to find a place that uses liquid cheese rather than melted cheddar shreds.


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      San Loco uses liquid cheese in their basic nachos. (Their higher end nachos w/guacamole use shredded cheddar.) I like their chipotle chicken and chili. I know it's practically fast food, but I think it's good fast food and I have a weakness for nachos too.

    2. Rio Grande on 3rd and 39 serves these steak nachos that are excellent. The marg are goos as weel if your order them with the correct Tequila