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Jun 26, 2007 07:15 AM

Problems at Mozza?

I've had two very good meals at Mozza although I haven't been recently. I have recommended it to many. But recently I got poor reviews from two seperate people.

The first incident occurred on Father's Day, June 14, and the second was Sat., June 23. Both meals had the same theme: The pizzas were swimming in oil creating a soggy crust. This did not happen to me. One thing in common on those days was that Nancy Silverton was not present. The Sunday meal was salvaged by going to the special lasagna.

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  1. I find the famed squash blossoms were soggy and greasy on my visit. The guacinale pizza, while good, was somewhat "dinimished" for thepictures I'd seen. the pictures showed heaps of greens topped with an eg. We had specks of greens.

    Silverton was not there on that day, either.

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      Time for Nancy to whip her kitchen staff into shape or get a kitchen manager as meticulous as she is, greasy pizzas at those prices is unacceptable!

    2. I wonder if having attention diverted for the Osteria's opening has a lot to do with it...

      1. I was there yesterday...had the white bean bruchetta to start and Nancy's chopped salad for my main course. Friend had the fennel sausage pizza. Everything was as good as every other time. From my experiences everything has been consistent.

        1. Was there on Saturday. Though Nancy wasn't in the kitchen, everything was wonderful and three pizzas for our party of four were all great (speck, potato/gorgonzola, lardo). No soggy or greasy crust to be found. Other than the apathetic server, I have no complaints and have found the food to be consistently deelish.

          1. i too had a couple horrible experiences at mozza with no nancy.
            the four times i have been there when she was there everything was perfect.
            two times i went without her there, soggy pizza. some burnt pizzas were going out as well. liver crostnini was way oversalted. one time i sat at a table and had horrible service as well. that manager guy david is kind of a different person when she's not around as well. the mices play when the cats away. i haven't gone back now in probably three months because of this