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Jun 26, 2007 07:14 AM

Mexican Pepsi

We have a Mexican Grocery/Taqueria Store up here in Southern Oregon that has a cooler full of 500ml. glass bottle Pepsi. I don't remember seeing it around these parts before, though the Coke is everywhere.
Is it, like the mythic Mexican Coke, made with real sugar? Where is it bottled? Being a Pepsi but not a Coke Fan, I am in Heaven, except for being 40 miles away from that store.

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  1. We've got the same taquerias here selling old returnable bottles of Coke, Pepsi, Fanta, etc. According to the label, they're made in Mexico, but using the same corn syrup as the American equivalent. No sugar cane.

    My brother was in Beruit a few years back. Their bottler used sugar cane for their Cokes. Also, there's a Dr Pepper bottler somewhere in the south that still uses sugar cane in their returnable bottles. It's available from a few outlets online.

    1. At least one Costco in San Diego sells Mexican Coca Cola. I haven't tried it, but I have had Cokes in Mexico. I noticed a very slight difference. Not enough for me to go out of my way for the Mexican version.

      I wonder if monkeyrotica is correct about Mexican Coke not containing cane sugar. I always heard it did. I think Costco says theirs does.

      Sorry, no experience with Pepsi.

      1. As far as I know, true Mexican Pepsi (and Coke) uses sugar instead of corn syrup. I live in a predominantly Mexican area of California and we have several mercados and taquerias that sell Mexican Pepsi and Coke. They have a distinctly different mouth feel than their American counterparts

        If the guys that run the store expect you to speak Spanish when you walk in the door, they probably are selling the true Mexican sodas. If you're getting the corn syrup version of the sodas in glass bottles, your local bottler is probably just buying the bottles back from somewhere and putting the American soda in there as a novelty.

        1. I shop at a "Mexican style" grocery store, Chavez Market in Sunnyvale CA, 2-3 times a week. A couple of months ago, they had Coke in glass bottles with yellow caps. I looked at the ingredients, HFC. There was another customer who was also looking, he pointed out HFC on the ingredient label, shrugged and made a comment about HFC. They had the "yellow cap" Coke for a few weeks after that but recently, they have not had the yellow cap coke in glass bottles.

          I have read on Chowhound and in the local newspaper that Nor Cal Costcos are selling coke with cane sugar but didn't see any on my last trip to Costco (Sunnyvale) on May 23.

          Anyone else reading labels ?

          1. So is it a myth that Mexican Sodas are made with Sugar?
            That's Dublin Dr. Pepper, the original place in Texas....
            We get that Coke up here(Rogue Valley) at Costco and other stores, but the Pepsi is something that I hadn't seen up here. No ingredients listed on the bottle though.

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              It wasn't a myth until very recently. Thanks to US government pressure, Mexico cut its tarrifs on American government-subsidized corn products starting last fall, so sugar is quickly giving way to HFCS.

              1. re: hatless

                Thats sucks, because corn syrup is bad for you, not that cane sugar is better, but your body processes better and easier.

                1. re: Burger Boy

                  HFCS being "better" than sugar for your body, I think like the legendary all-sugar Mexican coke, is little more problematic than you may realize:


              2. re: bbqboy

                No. It is not a myth that Mexican sodas are made with sugar. Look at the ingrediants on any Mexican soda like Jarritos or Sidal. It will have sugar.

                Check the ingrediant list on the Pepsi bottle at your grocer. They have ingrediants in both English and Spanish. You can see if there is sugar or HFCS.

                Depending on where Mexican coke is bottled, these days it might have HFCS or sugar. Check the label.

                Another secret. If you buy Mexican groceries, the products from Mexico like jam will have sugar and not HFCS. There are less preservatives and junk in foods from Mexico.

                When did the US become a third-world, third-rate country food-wise? When groceries in Mexican, Indian, ... heck ... Polish ... take-your-pick ... markets have better ingrediants that the similar product in mainstream US markets, it says alot.

                1. re: rworange

                  When the govt subsidies Corn Farmers that can sell their processed product for less to Coke & Pepsi, who cares about obesiety and diabetes. Wait we just realized Obesiety and Diabetes are costing Big Business and the Gov't billions, that they are bad for you, but HFCS is Cheap and Cane Sugar costs more. Hummmmmm! What to do, Profit line or peoples health? What will we do?