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Jun 26, 2007 07:13 AM

Ed's Lobster Bar

I've been reading some of the past posts on this place. Just wanted to know: Does _anyone_ out there like it or should it unequivocably be avoided?

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  1. Ed's clearly had a rough opening, and the reviews on this board reflected that. However, I believe recent posts have been positive, particularly with regards to the lobster roll.

    For my part, I paid Ed's a visit about two weeks ago and thought the lobster roll was fantastic.

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      is it drenched in mayo like pearl's?

      also, how's the service? do they horde you in and out?

    2. I like this place.

      I've been twice in the past 3 weeks and have had the lobster roll - $23, delicious, less mayo than Pearl's. I also prefer their fries because I hate skinny shoestring fries and these are thicker. I've also had the lobster salad, which for $18, is a lighter option, and includes cooked lobster meat over a green salad with green beans, tomatoes and avocado. The fried oysters are delicious, and come with a great tarter sauce that has big chunks of cornichons in it.

      I walked in and was seated immediately with a party of 2 around 7:30 on a Friday night, and had a short wait with a party of 3 around 9:30 on a Friday. The service at the bar was great, and we were not rushed at all, even as the place became more crowded.

      If you're a fan of Pearl's/Mary's it's worth checking out. I'm just hoping it remains relatively easy to get into.

      1. Ed's is terrific. I've been quite a few times and always had a good experience and little to no wait being seated. My one gripe is that the tables in the back are much too crowded with servers needing to bump diners out of the way to navigate. They really need to remove one two-top, it would make a huge difference. The bar, however, is great.

        I've ordered the blue fish several times. It is a wonderful piece of fish. The first time it came with a sinfully good potato gratin. Since then it has come over cabbage and bacon which is good but not as satisfying as the potatoes. Last time I finally tried out the lobster roll which I think was as good as any I've ever had. I don't usually love shoestring fries, but I prefer the fries at Pearl to Ed's. The Mussels in cream sauce are also great. My only disappointment food-wise is the clam chowder. Too thick and the potatoes didn't have the right texture. I haven't had the NY Bouillabaisse yet, but it looks awesome. Also, the Jever Pilsner is a tasty beer.

        1. I did not have a great meal there. Starters ... 3 of the 6 littlenecks we ordered were rancid. Although we did tell the server they were bad, and she offered to take them off the bill, we still got the check with them on. The excuse was that the schucker was "new". "New" at schucking clams? New there? I didn't get it. My skate was 1/2 cooked & crispy, the other half was mushy and not too hot. I had a poor overall experience, and should have thought something was up when we were seated right away at 8:00 on a saturday. Willing to give it another shot if anybody thinks this was a 'fluke'.

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            This was my post about Ed's in a different thread a few weeks back, I wasn't impressed either:

            Went on sunday for lunch, not sure I would rush to go back. Caesar salad had very little in the way of taste, a caesar should be zesty, and a few of the lettuce pieces had brown edges, a big no no. After much explanation for how they make the lobster fennel broth for the mussels, it tasted like neither, it just tasted like mussel broth and it needed salt or something, it also didn't come with the promised bread. A clam roll featured 4 fried steamers perched on a greasy flattened hot dog roll which made them look like they were riding a skate board. It was impossible to eat like a sandwich. The fries were soggy. On the plus side, the beer was ice cold and the staff nice. I saw the lobster rolls coming out of the kitchen, they didn't look very packed to me.

          2. Have been there twice-loved loved loved it and i am very critical!!!!!!!!!!!! the lobster burger was the only thing i could do without. my favorite combo is the linguini w white clam sauce-huge portion-need to share folloed by a 3 pound steamed lobster-wash down w pinot gris!!!!!!!!!!!!!deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelish very freindly and accomodating staff as well-will go back very soon.