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lavosh bread -what do you do with it?

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I just bought a package of Armenian Lavosh bread. It is soft and not the crisp cracker variety. What is your favourite thing to do with this bread?

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  1. roll-up your favorite sandwich with it, or on a hot day like today, I like to make a Tabouleh & Hummus roll-up sandwich.

    1. Chutney with curried cream cheese is also good in a roll up.

      Or you could do sliced turkey or something. It's important to have something in the filling that will act as glue, and to roll it all up tightly.

      1. Cream cheese, Lawry's seasoned salt and thinly sliced cucumbers. Roll up, let sit in fridge 20 minutes, then slice into pinwheels. Yummy and great with a Bombay Sapphire & Tonic.

        1. Love this stuff - I buy the whole wheat or often the flat bread with sesame that's baked slapped up against a wall and make sammy roll ups. Great toasted too with butter and jam. I have also spread butter and garlic then toast well. Break up into smaller pieces and add to top of a salad. YUM!

          1. Lebneh (Greek yogurt), zaatar, chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, extra-virgin olive oil. Yum.

            1. Saute sliced onion, red pepper strips, diced serrano, mushrooms, add some fresh herbs, maybe a bit of smoked paprika, stir in feta cheese. Lay along one end of lavosh, roll up into a 3 inch tube, place on pan seam side down. Brush with egg, bake at 350 for 30 minutes. You want it to be fairly crispy on top, then the bottom will be cooked nicely as well.

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                I have actually used it as a ready made pizza dough.

                you can do anything that you would do with normal pita.

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                  One of my favorite recipes for entertaining comes from the Ottolenghi cookbook. It's a chicken bake with lots of sliced onions, sumac, za'atar, lemon and pine nuts. Just before serving, I put some lavosh in the oven to crisp and then crackle it over the chicken at the table. It's wonderful crispy and it's wonderful soft and mushy when it takes in the sauce.

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                    That sounds beautiful! It is a form of fatteh.

                    I do something kind of different but along the same lines of bread in dish, turns to delicious soppy mush. I shred the bread and put it in a casserole dish. I make a liquidy, rich chicken stew (curry), then place the chicken pieces on top of the shredded flat bread, then pour on the stew. I garnish with sliced onions, cilantro, green chile, and lemon juice. The bread turns into mushy goodness. Lavash is the perfect bread for this.

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                      Lucky F...sounds delicious. I'm also a sucker (as I said) for the soft and mushy lavash in sauce. I gotta try your idea.

              2. Great, fast flatbread pizza from Jacques Pepin
                recipe for Lavash Pizza
                http://www.kqed.org/w/jpfastfood/reci... (scroll down for “Lavash” recipe)