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Jun 26, 2007 06:52 AM

Tresca (North End)

I'm taking my husband for his birthday tonight. He's the BIGGEST Ray Bourque fan! It'll be our first time there. Any reviews or recommendations?

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  1. I was there about 6 months ago and had an excellent meal. The one item that really stood out was the Pappardelle with wild mushrooms, it was outstanding (we got a full order and had them split it 3 ways as an appetizer).

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      The Roman and I meandered around the North End the other night pondering where to go for dinner. The bar at Tresca beckoned our call. Not knowing what we wanted to eat, we opted for a pineapple infused martini. There seemed to have been more vodka than pineapple, but who can complain about a strong cocktail? The menu was your classic non italian italian mid to upper price fare. We decided to share the grilled chicken with pecorino mashed potato and the antipasto of homemade pickled vegetables and meats. The Roman loved the chicken and I have a thing for pickled anything so my dish was perfect. We also split the pappardelle with porcini, wild mushrooms and black truffles. I agree with paulgardner about this particular dish, but then again, if there are truffles on anything, I will gobble it up.
      No Ray Bourque sightings. Just some locals having some fun at the bar...

    2. I'm a big Ray Bourque fan too, though I'd be more inclined to visit a restaurant with his name attached to it if it served poutine, tourtières, cretons, or smoked meat rather than very fancy-priced Italian. It's clear that he is a big draw, though, even if he's rarely on the premises. I have at least two other friends who had to visit Tresca because he owns a piece of it.

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        Mmm, tourtière... Is there any restaurant in the area that serves that?