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Jun 26, 2007 06:48 AM

Seeking rehearsal dinner spot in Newton/Needham/Wellesley

Hi all, we are getting married at the Barn at Gibbet Hill on April 6th, and our guests are staying at the Newton Marriott. We are looking for a nearby rehearsal dinner location at a restaurant (kid-friendly as there will be about 15 little kids) in the Newton/Needham/Wellesley area. We were thinking of combining the dinner with bowling at the Needham-Bowlaway, so any Needham ideas would be great; but we are open-minded to places near the Marriott. Many thanks in advance for your ideas!


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  1. how many people, and what is your price range?

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      Don't laugh ok promise? I had dinner at the Newton Marriott last week and it was great! Everything we ordered was delicious. I had a wedge salad with wonderful blue cheese dressing and pickled red onions. I had the lobster dinner which was perfect and my husband had the diver scallops and it had a lobster rissotto with it. The service was lovely and attentive. The only thing that was kind of weird was that there were a lot of seniors there eating dinner. It looked like an old age home for wealthy people and we laughed because it reminded us of our parents who told us to go and eat there but they were right it was delicious. The Newton marriott ia a lovely hotel and the kids will love the two pools that they have. There are also canoes that you can rent right next to the hotel for a ride around the charles river. Have a great wedding!!!

    2. While not my favorite place, it is very popular, especially with the younger generation, in downtown Needham is Fuji, a Japanese Steak House that also serves sushi. You could also probably get your own room.

      1. Thank you for the suggestions so far! To answer the first question, we will have 50-100 people, and the price range is (hopefully!) $20-$35/person. As for the Newton Marriott, I really like their restaurant too, but the rehearsal dinner would have to be held in a portion of a ballroom: not our style. I though about Fuji but don't think I could do it as a vegetarian. :-) Please keep any ideas coming! THANK YOU.

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          Ok how is this... China Sky in Wellesley has a very pretty dining room. Very soothing colors and the service is quite nice. I had lunch there yesterday and I was in the mood for a vegetable stir-fry with no meat , chicken or fish. It was very well made and had great flavor. They have a private room there for parties. They serve for dessert a selection of wonderful ice creams. There is coconut, mango and green tea. There are plenty of menu items to choose from and their quality of ingredients are quite good. As far as the marriott goes... they have a cute little function room right off of the dining room. Would they not let you have that? China Sky is right off of rt 16 and very easy to get to and find from the Marriott.

        2. Since your in that Needham area, have you checked with Quince? It's a small enough restaurant that they might even shut their doors for you.

          1. China Sky is a great idea but their private function room only seats aout 20- I am sur they can set something up in the main dining room for you.